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Personalised canvas bags

Boost your brand with promotional products
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Personalised canvas bags are a very useful item in all settings: events, fairs, congresses or social events. The classic cloth bags are of high quality and have resistant and durable handles. Our personalised canvas tote bags come in cotton, jute or polyester fabrics and have different variations that ensure you get perfectly personalised shopping bag! In addition, the printing of the textile bags is very large thanks to the wide printing area they have. Show off your brand, your logo or your designs in the simplest and best visible manner!

How to personalise a canvas bag?

What are custom cloth bags?

Personalised canvas bags are also known as tote bags, and they come in many different fabrics. These personalised cloth bags help transport all kinds of objects and everyday items. Camaloon can help you create your online bag design, take care of printing your bags and send them to you quickly and reliably. Wherever, whenever you need them! These types of personalised cloth bags can easily become great companions in the day-to-day life of your customers and achieve much greater advertising and marketing actions. They are an affordable but highly effective way to promote your business to a wide audience.

How to create personalised print on canvas bag?

In only 3 simple steps! First, choose the cloth bag you'd like to personalise. We have a large selection of personalised canvas bags in a variety of fabrics, sizes and styles. When selecting ‘the one', keep in mind the recipient and the message you'd like to convey. For instance, if you'd like to promote eco-friendly aspect of your business, perhaps you can choose cloth bags made of trade fair organic cotton. It's really up to you!

Next, to personalisation! Choose the colours, images, design, text, even font you'd like to personalise your cloth bag with. You can choose double-sided printing, or just on one side, as well. Decide on the size of your design, and all and any other details you'd like – it is your personalised bag, after all.

Lastly, preview your design to make sure it's exactly want you'd like and then finalise the order. We then take care of it, do a double check to make sure everything is perfect (from resolution to the size of your design), we create it, and ship it wherever you tell us to. Simple!

Are canvas bags waterproof?

Most of them are, but it depends on the fabric. Organic cotton ones for instance are not waterproof as the fabric is entirely untampered with, whereas some polyester tote bags or even jute, or canvas ones, are waterproof. It varies from one to another style, so if waterproof bag is what you need, make sure you read the description next to the item. The design, however, is always waterproof and will stay the same for years and years and years.

How to choose personalised canvas bags for your company?

The best way to choose cloth bags is to know what you need it for, and what specifications it should have! If your brand or company is aware of the environment, in Camaloon we have different cloth bags with organic materials and with 0 impact on the environment. With this in mind, personalised tote bags are the ideal item for your company, since its material is completely natural and it is the most popular model on a day-to-day basis. It is, therefore, the one that your clients or employees will see and use the most.

What are the benefits of custom cloth bags?

Personalised canvas bags are loved and frequently used because they are a practical and an environmentally friendly alternative to custom plastic bags, no minimum order required either! They make perfect promotional gifts that will certainly be of use. Personalised canvas bags for teachers, employees, business partners or simply friends and family – whatever message you choose to put on your bag, you can be sure it will be seen by everyone. In addition, you can combine these personalised canvas bags with other personalised items. Print your designs on cloth bags and transfer that motif to notebooks, t-shirts or beach items in just a few clicks. In addition, the well-known jute bags personalised with your company logo have become a benchmark within promotional items.

Where to buy a canvas tote bag?

There are countless places to buy a canvas tote bag, both online and offline, but you should choose Camaloon. Here's why. We help you get the exact cloth bag you're dreaming of – the size, the shape, the style, down to every single detail such as font and image or images. Literally, what you dream of, we can create. We always have the tote bag you need – because we are also the manufacturers, so we control the availability! We don't have minimum order, which means you can order as little as one personalised canvas bag. On the other hand, if you'd like to buy tens, hundreds, or thousands even and use them to promote your business or as an event gift – you can do that too at Camaloon. In fact, if you buy bulk, you actually pay less as we offer bulk-order savings.

We also take care of the shipping, which means that we can ship to you or to any single or multiple addresses you ask us to. We can even store the personalised cloth bag on your behalf in our warehouse and ship them when and where you ask us to. We also provide personalised packaging, should you like to have something that matches your tote bag design and you can even put the same design on any other product we carry – and we carry many, many of them. Do you now see why Camaloon is where you should buy a canvas tote bag?

Can you wash canvas tote bags?

Yes, but we recommend only hand washing them at a maximum of 30°C to maintain their high-quality craftsmanship, fabric retention and print for a long time to come!

What is the minimum order quantity?

We don't have one. That is right – there is no minimum order quantity at Camaloon, so you can personalise just that one cloth bag for your mother, wife, boss, or business partner without having to order thousands of them. If you need just one, you can order just one. On the other hand, if you need several, you can also do that. In case of bulk orders, we provide bulk savings, to make it easier for you. So, if you order more, you actually pay less. You are in full control!

Personalised canvas bags carry your items, trends and reputation

Personalised canvas bags are eco-friendly

We carry personalised tote bags made from organic cotton, Fairtrade organic cotton and recycled textiles, which makes them eco-friendly. These are all certified for ecologic and environmentally friendly production and manufacturing, come in a variety of weights, and we use the silkscreen or high-quality digital print technique DTG/DTF for printing your design. Putting your design on such cloth bags, their function and branding, speaks volumes about your business' eco mission while high-quality printing emphasises your message. These personalised canvas bags are more than a natural look and touch; these eco-friendly canvas bags are also multi-use and can be used for various products and functions. Use them on the street, online or at trade events, for all types of products, brands, and applications – over and over again. Not just in-store retail. Great for corporate events and subscription packaging.

Who uses custom cloth bags?

Everyone! Having personalised bags made of all kinds of textiles and printing is not something new. But cloth bags are becoming more and more popular as gifts, both given and received. Whether at fairs or events, cloth bags wonderfully complement special promotions or when given or sold as accessories directly to end customers, cotton or polyester bags with a good printed design are sure to end up in hands of your customers. It is no surprise, personalised canvas bags tick all boxes for various applications and products.

Personalised canvas bags are used by everyone, for everything

Personalised cloth bags for teachers are multiple-use carrier bags that can be used for classroom, grocery shopping or going out for a walk! They can be sold in every online and offline store, from clothing & accessories to electronics, groceries, and much more. The long lifecycle makes them an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, and it also ensures that your branding on your tote bags remains in circulation for a long time. For this same reason, they're also great for all promotions and giveaways.

You name it – they do it

Personalised cloth bags are used for various products and purposes. Natural cotton tote bags serve as durable and classy carrier bags for retail stores. Event planners and other businesses use custom printed cotton bags to ensure that their messaging lasts well after the conference or party has ended. They can be used as gift packaging instead of paper, for events and corporate conferences, but you can also include them as a little bonus in magazine, newspapers or any other subscription box packaging!

A personalised canvas bag has a long lifecycle

Your personalised design and their long lifecycle turns these printed cloth bags into walking billboards for your brand. Unlike the single-use plastic shopping bag, these tote bags stay in use for years, without harming the environment. Your logo will appear everywhere your customer carries them and that is truly invaluable brand exposure. But that's just the printing side of things. There are many add-ons that you can choose for your canvas tote bags, from colour, font, single or multiple images, and so much more!

Personalised canvas bags promote themselves

Personalised cloth bags need no promotion. Everyone knows what they are, and how versatile and eco-friendly they are. Their popularity is increasing so much that even some luxury designers and fashion houses have had personalised canvas bags on their runways, personalised with their own branding!

These types of personalised bags are always a hit at your events, festivals, or trade shows. Use these bags to reduce the impact of materials that pollute the environment. For this reason, some of these bags are made of biodegradable and environmentally responsible materials. These bags will make everyone remember your brand in an easy, simple and original way. Get your personalised cloth bags and join the trend in a uniquely your design!

Count on Camaloon for your personalised cloth bags

With us, you invest in personalised canvas bags that are affordable but highly resistant, with good finish, heavy duty and durable with a high visibility impact. Our team of experts are available to advise you on the best personalised cloth bag for your needs, from available personalisation options to the fabrics and their eco-properties. We offer bulk-order discounts, but you are also free to order just one personalised canvas bag! We have worked with numerous reputable brands, as well as countless happy customers.

Our cloth bags literally take your brand around the world. They will reinforce your brand image and keep you present in everyone's mind. Personalised canvas bags from Camaloon are products that will never be forgotten.

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