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Personalised tote bags

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Beautiful personalised tote bags are so stylish and modern that you will never go wrong carrying them around. Combine the right colours with a cool tote bag printing of your own design. Camaloon has a wide range of fabric tote bags, in different sizes and styles, from large tote bags to small tote bags, that you can personalise with any tote bag designs. Check out our organic cloth bags in recycled cotton and cork and print a logo or a striking slogan. Check out the large print areas that give your cloth bags a unique touch. Choose Camaloon for your custom tote bags! Resell them or gift them – both will increase the visibility of your business.

How to personalise a tote bag?

How to market my business with printed cloth bags and sustainability in mind?

Today, there is a strong focus on materials that are not harmful to the environment. A cloth bag has many benefits. They are made of natural fabrics, are solid and can be used over and over again. Choose a slogan that tells everyone that your company takes environmental responsibility and uses personalised cloth bags. It need not be expensive! Custom organic tote bags or cork tote bags are actually cheap tote bags, so they're also good for your business finances!

Are Camaloon cloth bags environmentally friendly?

Camaloon focuses on environmental considerations, which is shown in the way we produce products and send them out to customers. The personalised fabric tote bag for women is no exception. Here you will not find any plastic bags, but recyclable and organic cloth bags made of cotton, jute or cork. You can run a campaign where you put the spotlight on how you have changed the operation to become one hundred percent environmentally friendly, and advertise it with a big white slogan on the front page of your black fabric tote bag, for instance. The cloth bags are popular and common to see in the cityscape.

I want to use cloth bags as a seasonal item - how can Camaloon adapt it?

It is a brilliant idea! Many others may also see the benefits of using them as seasonal items. Personalised fabric tote bags for days on the beach and summer activities are very popular! We can help you receive your personalised tote bags whenever you want. Whether it's for summer sales, fall, winter, spring - whenever you need them. We can store them for you in our warehouse and take them out when you ask us to. We also always have your design saved for your convenience, in case you'd like to use the same prints for some other products.

What is a tote bag?

The most versatile accessory ever! It is a large bag with open top and two handles, used to carrying a variety of items, from groceries to business files and books. It can be made of any fabric, but most popular fabric used is cloth. Camaloon carries a large variety of tote bags you can personalise any way you'd like!

Why should I choose cloth bags for marketing?

Tote bags with print are a great investment that is sure to increase your profits. There are many reasons for this. You can order them in large quantities, place your own print and deliver them at trade fairs and industry meetings. Tote bag with compartments or large tote bags for work are very convenient for carrying several items, which your recipients will surely appreciate! A cloth bag is very light, therefore it is easy to carry, and is used more and more for grocery shopping instead of disposable plastic bags. One of the big challenges today is the consumption of plastic, and even though some polyester tote bags and nonwoven tote bags with logo contain plastic, these have smaller impact on the environment than disposable plastic bags.

Does it cost to print on the cloth bags?

There is almost no surcharge for printing designs on your products. But since the machines at the printing house run around the clock, and you can order both one single personalised tote bag as well as large quantities and have them sent in a short time, the printing does has a small cost. But it is only for small orders. When running a large campaign, the unit price of the cloth bags will drop! Give it a try and choose up to 6 colours with screen printing or thousands with our digital print.

How long does it take to receive my tote bags?

From the moment you place your order to the moment you receive it, it is about 7-8 working days. But we have different shipping options; standard, priority and express. We can even deliver within 72 hours if desired. What can affect the delivery time is the type and quantity of items you ordered. Read more about delivery and shipping here .

More inspiration for bags and personalised fabric totes

That is why we choose to lead by example

Cloth bags give you the modern look

Tote bags printing is the latest trend that is here to stay! Tote bags can today be used as fashion bags. No matter whether you use nonvowen bags with logo, organic tote bag printing design or something else, a woman will always have a bag to carry her things in when she's in town, whether it's for shopping or drinking coffee with friends. Our personalised tote bags are available in different sizes, colours and fabrics. Cotton and organic cotton are popular, but we also have jute and cork tote bags. With our non-woven bags with logo, you have a bag that is perfect for trade fairs and events, with double-sided print on it.

Personalised fabric tote bags put spotlight on your company

It is a cliché, but bags are used to keep order and collect your things. Custom tote bags with compartments are ideal for this! Let this type of tote bag be the vessel in which you collecting the great ideas, notes and items, which will put the world at their feet. For instance, use our tote bags for this year's launch of new products. Design your logo on the tote bags and fill them with other personalised items. How about adding a new modern steel bottle with a cork lid along with merchandise such as a keyring with a card holder?

Personalised tote bags reduce littering

We want nature to flourish and thrive in decades and centuries to come. There are many steps that need to be taken before we have gained control of our future. But our eco-friendly tote bags are the first step in a long line of new products that can help change the way we shop and shape a better future. The cloth bags can be used over and over again, in any store. Go to the store with the tote bags personalised with your own fun print! Be ahead of the fashion trends when you make your own designs! Play with our custom design tool and your ideas. Show others that it is tote bags that make a difference – today!

Even polyester tote bags are environmentally friendly

Our popular tote bags with polyester are very popular for grocery shopping. Some styles of these polyester totes are collapsible. Yes, you can even have them folded in a purse or other bag where you usually carry all your things. These durable and strong bags easily carry the weight of milk, bread, and dinner, with no problems. These cloth bags have solid colour such as red, blue, green, and orange, so you can choose whichever print you'd like to put on them. In addition, we have both polyester bags in black and white, so here you get even more options with a print you want to use. We go through your design before we start the process of printing your cloth bags, to ensure it turns out perfect.

Screen printing or digital printing on your cloth bags

Here at Camaloon's factory, we are not only proud manufacturers, we also make the prints that you designed with the help of our digital tool. Even though you can buy our products without your own print, it is when your own personal touch is printed on them, that they become distinct. Just see the size of the printing you can get on our organic bags with print. Choose between screen printing or digital printing on them. The difference is not huge, but with screen printing you can choose up to 6 different colours, while with digital printing you get all the colours you may want.

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