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Personalised pens

Create your personalised advertising pen
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Order your personalised pens at Camaloon and strengthen your brand image. At Camaloon you can easily personalise your pens online. With just a few clicks, you can add your logo or text to your pens. Personalised pens are an ideal corporate gift to create brand memories.

There is a wide range of customisable pens to choose from. Choose the model that best matches the corporate image you want to project. You can create personalised gift pens from wood or recycled materials. You can choose from the more glamorous metallic models or the more colourful and eye-catching ones.

Personalised pens for your marketing actions

How to Personalised Pens?

1. Pick your pen

Browse our large selection of personalised pens to find the one that best suits your company's promotional needs and where your name, logo or slogan will stand out. We have a pen for every taste!



2. Personalise your pens

After you have picked the perfect pen, decide how many personalised pens you'll need and get creative! Our online editor allows you to add your logo and/or business name and contact details in a variety of fonts and colours.

3. We'll do the rest

Once you're done designing, we'll handle the rest of the production process. Camaloon's complimentary quality control will ensure that your personalised pens look exactly as you designed them. We also offer express delivery for those in a hurry!

Personalised pens

Personalised Pens for Every Audience

Pens for different companies

Dual functionality

A hybrid of a traditional and stylus pen that can be used on both paper and touch screens. The ideal business pen, with a soft rubber tip that allows for easier tapping, swiping and even drawing. Well-made and affordable. The perfect gift for coworkers and partners, as well as friends and family.

Ethical and responsible production

The Green and Good™ company is the market leader in producing eco-friendly products. Their pens are made from materials that are either recycled, biodegradable, sustainable, organic or fairtrade, and personalised by Camaloon with your designs. Customers are becoming more conscious of environmental issues, so you must show that you care as well! Handing out eco-friendly custom pens will create a positive image about your company.

Personalised pens

Camaloon's personalised pens and interesting frequently asked questions about them

What are personalised pens and what are they made of?

You are probably not aware of how many personalised pens you have lying around at your office or at home. They tend to get under your radar, right until the moment you are looking for a company or brand. That is when all of a sudden you remember you have a pen somewhere that carries the name of a company or service you need. A custom made pen usually doesn't need many adjustments over the years, unless you design your personalised pen in the UK for a specific event. A seminar, business milestone or birth can be such an occasion where you want to add a date or title besides the (company) name. Camaloon's custom designed pens are made of different materials:

  • Eco-friendly pens are made of wood, bio paper and cork
  • Metal pens
  • Plastic pens are also part of our selection of pens

If you don't like our pens to write with, which we find hard to believe of course, you can also check out our personalised pencils.

Personalised pens

What types of pens are available, and are personalised engraved pens an option too?

One of the most well-known pen brands is BIC, and everyone knows the familiar feel of a BIC pen once you take them between your fingers and thumb. If you prefer an even more personal gift than just any personalised pen, then consider the extra element that personalised engraved pens offer. Having a personal message engraved in a fine pen can turn out to be a permanent memory of a specific moment in your life. That promotion you got, your retirement or your recovery from an illness deserves an everlasting object so it will never be forgotten.

A custom engraved pen makes perfect sense then. It is your favourite object on your desk at the office or at home, and looking at it takes you back to that defining moment in life. It fills your heart with emotions, and aren't all promotional items about moving someone's mind or soul in one way or another?

My budget is limited: Does Camaloon sell any cheap personalised pens?

Not every self-employed person or marketing department has unlimited resources for PR, so naturally Camaloon offers basic and cheap personalised pens, as well as more expensive or luxurious ones. It all depends on your budget and goals. You can even imagine ordering different pens for different purposes. A pen pot with cheap personalised pens will do a great job at a job market stand or in the waiting room at your company's reception desk. Your order will be in bulk and handing out these personalised pens may often go unnoticed.

Personalised pens

Other pens are more suitable at different times. These pens can be strategically positioned on a large oval desk during the crucial phase of a business deal, or they can be a more thoughtful item for a gift box for Christmas, birth, a wedding, to celebrate 12,5 years with the company or to say goodbye to someone who leaves the company after retirement.

Every type of pen fits a certain meeting between a company and different types of people.

Personalised pens

Who needs a personalised pen, and why buy personalised pens in bulk?

Does anyone really need a personalised pen? No, you can have lots of pens without any commercial purpose, but they do the trick and that's why people love them anyway. If you visit a car dealer to buy a new car, have a job interview at that multinational, or go to a business conference or motivation speech, there are bound to be personalised pens bought in bulk. No way that there will be this bulk box with 500 pens on the table, but one or two with the message that you can keep it after signing are enough to impress you. People are always happy when they get something for free! From a marketing point of view these pens do two things:

  1. They provide a customer or visitor with something to write to be able to sign that purchasing order for a car, put a signature under that job contract or make notes during that conference or speech.
  2. Without knowing at the time of receiving the pen, a customer or visitor subconsciously registers having been given a personalised pen, but it may take years for that person to use this information again.

How can I get my pen personalised, and what options do I have during the design process?

A name, logo or specific design is what matters when getting your pen personalised. The process of how to personalise a pen is plain and simple: you select the pen (or pencil) that you like best and that fits your company's policy or promotional objective, you add the details you want printed on them, and then you order and wait for your parcel with custom designed pens to be delivered.

Why are personalised business pens a good idea?

Now that you have learned of Camaloon's selection of pens and your target group for this pen, you automatically know that personalised business pens will do an excellent job of promoting your products or services. And the main aspect to keep in mind is that these personalised business pens are not just for large companies. Even a roofing company with only three employees can capture the moment by giving free pens to (potential) customers.

What matters is that people's minds wants to be rewarded for remembering something, and that is what makes your personalised pen such a big hit. They don't necessarily know that your company will do the best job, but when they start looking for a roofer, they remember that there is a pen with a roofer's logo and telephone number in their drawer. Making that connection is the ultimate proof of how promotional items work in customer behaviour.

Add personalised pens to your range of promotional items for maximum effect

Personalised pens make the best gifts

Companies big and small and even individuals invest in personalised pens as gifts. Two examples: Your best friend or the love of your life decides to celebrate your anniversary by ordering a custom made pen with engraving. This pen is a keepsake for the rest of your life. Your boss has persuaded the whole department to take part in a competition, and the winner gets a gift basket with several funny or handy gifts for the office or at home. The basket is filled with some smaller items, like a personalised card holder and personalised planner, but there are also larger gifts like personalised lunch boxes and personalised sweaters.

Marketing at its best – cheap personalised pens with no minimum order

Nothing beats your efforts if you opt for cheap personalised pens with no minimum order and your logo or slogan on it, although some of Camaloon's pens are subject to a minimum order of 25. However, BIG pens must be ordered with a volume of at least 500 pens, but special pens can also be ordered one pen at a time. You will find out the minimum order when selecting your type of pen and completing the design.

Make an even better impression with a personalised notebook and pen

If an employee is extremely important for the company or someone has gone above and beyond to close that business deal, you might want to consider gifts that are a bit more meaningful than ‘just' a pen. Why not take a look at our collection of other products that show respect and appreciation? Take a personalised notebook and pen or pen set for example. These would be lovely items for your personal assistant or secretary who always takes good care of your minutes, reservations, travel plans and other personal aspects.

Add a personalised pen case if you are closing business deals

Don't like the look of a pen set without a box or case? We can imagine that some official meetings require a little more, and that is where the personalised pen case or pen and pencil set comes in. Make the set match by applying the same engravings or same coloured printing, and show your client that you value him, your meetings and what will come out of them. Memories last a long time when you give something tangible to remember you by.

Bulk buy your personalised pens to prevent not having any left at key moments

Upon arriving at a conference you often get a personalised bag with not only a pen, but also a conference holder. It will make your organisation of the conference stand out compared to others. Buying in bulk is the most cost effective way to go for event organisers.

Be remembered by handing out personalised pens as a gift

You don't have to overcomplicate your exposure with an extensive selection of promotional items and merchandise. Just start with personalised pens as a gift and work from there. If you want to know if your pen does the job? Just ask a new customer how he found your front door, phone number or website. Often it's the little things that count the most, and pens definitely belong in the category of effective tools to promote your business or cause.

Think outside of the box – personalised pens for teachers, graduations, children or wedding pens

There is no limit to what you can do with a pen, and personalised pens are not just for businesses. A whole new buyer's segment that has become more and more popular is the personalised pens for teachers. They can be helpful for deans or coaches, for example, who want their students to know how to contact them.
Besides pens being a useful tool for teachers and coaches, there is this milestone at the end of everyone's school years that deserves a personalised graduation pen. And at a younger age personalised children pens can come in handy if you want every pupil to learn how to write with one particular pen used throughout the entire school. This is the pen you also hand out during tests (and take back in), so you are absolutely sure no one is cheating.

Another specific occasion for handing out pens can be a life changing event, like a wedding, the birth of a baby or your gender change. Show your guests how much they mean to you by designing personalised wedding pens with the date of your wedding on them, or order blue or pink pens with the name and date of birth of your newborn.

Another thoughtful way of informing your friends and family of your gender change is custom designing a pen with your new name (was Paul → now Pauline) and adjusting the colour to your chosen gender (if possible). You can also let people know you prefer being addressed with they/them.

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