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Personalised bottle openers

Get them to remember your brand with a practical gift
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Personalised bottle opener magnets

Personalised magnetic bottle opener magnets have several advantages! Use them to express a point of view, promote your business or simply just to open a bottle. Attach them to a refrigerator or an office pillar. Personalised bottle opener magnets are excellent for marketing, so by using them, you beat two birds with one stone. They are perfect for large orders, especially when it comes with bulk-order savings! Fully personalise them to your needs, fast delivery available!

Frequently asked questions about personalised bottle opener magnets

How are personalised bottle opener magnets made?

At Camaloon, we have a number of factories that take care of production and design. Among other items, here is where we make, bottle opener magnets. The most important thing to factor in is to decide which materials we are going to use, as we sell both soft and hard magnets and they have different coatings. Such is the case with our wooden fitting magnets - here, we can even engrave pressure. But most are made of magnetic metal with a plastic fitting where you can print your own pictures or other images. When our magnets double as a bottle opener, it is important to ensure that the personalisation doesn't interfere with the bottle opening function. So, the personalisation is usually done directly on the plastic fitting, or on the metal edge of the very bottle opener.

personalised bottle opener magnets

How to use bottle opener magnets for marketing purposes?

Marketing is not always easy. You have to think about what you want to achieve and how to make yourself visible among people, whether it is students, customers, partners or others.

We strongly believe that magnets with bottle openers are absolutely perfect for marketing of the companies and for growing companies, this is definitely something to consider! Our bottle opener magnets are very affordable advertising items that you can get quite a lot of information on, so why not personalise it with your company's contact information? Perhaps someone will start to pull out this exact bottle opener to open a bottle, but pause instead, to read the information on the magnet about your business. Maybe it can lead to new collaborations for your company or new sales, but it will certainly lead to brand awareness!

Besides the fact that magnets with bottle openers are affordable, which is excellent for bulk orders, they are also great items to use in large social gatherings, such as trade shows. Imagine a trade fair where you are representing your company and spreading brand awareness. In your booth, there should be tangible evidence of your company and proof that it has a desire to connect with more partners, whether they are customers or suppliers. A magnet with a bottle opener easily fits into a briefcase, a pocket or in a gift bag that you might give out at the fair.

Is the bottle opener magnet something that collectors might like?

There are many individuals who collect magnets. Most often, the magnets they collect are personalised with a place they've visited in the past, such as different cities or countries around the globe. They place these magnets on the refrigerators for all their home visitors to see. However, they use magnets to also show off the pictures of family and friends. This is what is so nice about magnets - you can personalise them with whatever means to you the most. Perhaps it's your family and friends, perhaps pets, travels abroad or perhaps it's your company's milestones. Whatever makes your heart tingle, you can personalise a magnet with its images to create something unique and personal.

Many companies also collect magnets and personalised bottle opener magnets fit this perfectly. Who does not bring a cold drink on hot working days and look around for a bottle opener? It often ends in broken glass and bloody cuts. But now you have a tool at hand that everyone at work can use. So yes, magnets with bottle openers are also suitable for collectors.

How do I know my bottle opener's pressure will be perfect?

You do not have to worry. We at Camaloon have developed a tool that makes your design absolutely perfect every time. Here's why. Once you have submitted your proposal, we will go through the print to check a number of things. We'll check to see if the images are in the correct format and resolution, that they are centered or if they need to be adjusted, and so on. We do this for all of our products, we leave nothing to chance. Use our convenient and easy digital tool for your personalisation and upload photos, illustrations, fonts or add the effects you want. Or, you can also entirely use your own design or just incorporate some of our features for your completely unique print.

Keep in mind that for some prints we use multicolours, while for others you can choose from up to 6 colours. With silkscreen printing, for instance, you get up to four Pantone colours that give you perfect printing for a lower price.

Ideas on how to use personalised bottle opener magnets

A gift for employees - inexpensive magnets with bottle openers

It is important to show your employees you care. Give them a personalised bottle opener magnet on hot days, to help them quench their thirst. You can personalise the magnets with a funny statement, or the name of the various employees. When they do not need the bottle opener, they can just stick it back on the board or on the fridge. These wholesale fridge magnets are a low investment for you, but will go a long way for your employees. Logo magnets also have an excellent audience reach as anyone who comes close to the fridge will see these advertising magnets, or any other kind you might opt for - wooden photo magnets, magnetic business card magnets, or even save the date photo magnets.

Personalised magnetic bottle opener for young people

You and your teenagers are likely to disagree on the next family trip or the social gathering. However, personalised bottle opener magnet can help narrow the difference gap. For instance, you'll agree on expressing opinions on the magnet, as well as the fact that socialising with one's friends is an enjoyable occasion. Use the personalised bottle opener magnets to blur the line between the power and position. Personalise them cleverly, gift them to youth and perhaps they'll go around telling a pleasant story about your business.

Gift your company partners with personalised magnetic bottle opener for business

Congratulations on a successfully closed deal or a good collaboration! What is better than giving each other small gifts in everyday life? Work and development are both time consuming and tiring, so you deserve a break to celebrate once in a while. Giving your partners bottle opener magnets means you ensure your visibility every time they open the fridge or walk through the corridor to the next meeting.

Maybe it's a little strange to give partners a bottle opener magnet? Then do it a little informally. As an extra gift in the annual distribution of Christmas gifts, a token of attention on the day of the company's anniversary, as an extra bonus at a big company sale or another occasion where a magnet fits well, such as having them arrive to your office to sign an agreement. Leave the bottles open to celebrate a new chapter in your united future and gift them with bottle opener magnets!

Unique magnetic business cards

Every business wants and needs to stand out, and this is especially crucial for the individual representing or promoting the company, such as people working in sales and marketing. They all carry a stack of business cards with them, to give them out at every chance meeting with hope of perhaps staying the mind of the recipient. If, for instance, you work for a beverage industry, event promotions or similar, you are guaranteed to be noticed and prioritised if you replace old boring business cards with bottle opener magnetic business cards. Upon just one look, these inexpensive magnets will immediately tell your recipient about the industry you work in, and that you think out of the box - traits that guarantee success. Such advertising magnets with company logo are highly effective. Additionally, they are excellent for your ROI - more you buy, less you spend. Get your personalised fridge magnets bulk order now, and save on wholesale custom magnets.

Direct marketing with magnets

Camaloon has a wide range of numerous magnets, whether soft and flexible magnets with flat pressure, hard fridge magnets with urban and rural motifs, buttons with a built-in bottle opener or with other functions. Small magnets take up little space, while at the same time having a large surface to market your business on. They can therefore be included in company gifts, onboarding packages , gift bags and the like. It's a great way to market yourself to outer businesses and audiences.

Magnets for advertising

We've established why advertising magnets are so effective - these cheap promotional magnets reach your target audiences in better ways than any other marketing tool. And, there is a wide variety of magnets to decide on, all easy to personalise to your specific needs. Choose from flexible fridge magnet, wooden photo magnets, photo fridge magnets, save the date magnets, logo magnets or other magnets for advertising business. And creating these is not an impossible task either - simply upload your own design or use our online fridge magnet maker. This magnet creator helps you create advertising magnets of your dreams!

Low advertising budget? Look at our products that you can personalise with your own designs. It is much better than investing in advertising and campaigns that will cost. Welcome to Camaloon, your leading provider of promotional products at a great price.

Magnetic bottle opener with personalised branding

Who hasn't looked for a bottle opener without finding it? When using our magnetic bottle opener you will always know where it is. At Camaloon, you can personalise all bottle openers with your own branding, such as logos or slogans. This ensures the brand visibility and awareness, as your logo or promo text will always be visible. This practical and original gift will delight your customers and help you as a company to spread the word about your brand. So why not use bottle openers as promotional items? We only use first class materials. Without a doubt, the next time your customers open a bottle, they will have your company in mind.

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