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Personalised magnets

Make your company stand-out
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Personalised fridge magnets

Personalised magnets are perfect for freezing best team-building moments and sharing favourite family memories from weddings to adventures!

Personalise them with a memorable photo to create personalised picture magnets, add text or any other personalisation that will make the intended recipient feel special. And best of all – once they put it on their fridge door, this personalised magnet will put a smile on their face every time they open or pass by the fridge.

Customised rigid fridge magnets with your design

Elevate your brand's presence on your customers' fridges with our collection of rigid, round, and rectangular souvenir magnets. Available in sizes 32mm, 38mm, and 56mm, they are ideal for companies and agencies aiming to make a lasting impression. Personalise these magnets with every detail of your brand, crafting a standout reminder of your business that sticks—literally and memorably.

Frequently asked questions about personalised magnets>

How to personalise magnets?

It only takes a few minutes to personalise magnets. First step is choosing the style you like the most, by browsing through our large selection of fridge magnets. A good guideline is to consider the recipient, the aim of the magnets as well as your own personal style and/or your company's branding. What would you like these magnets to do, to represent, to achieve? Once you have chosen the perfect magnet, next step is to personalise it! This is the fun part even if you have no design skills. You can use our easy personalisation tool and choose from all the personalised options. Or, if you do have design skills or have the exact design you'd like to use, you can simply upload it. In the personalisation tool app, you can change the design, the layout, add text, embellishments and backgrounds to your magnets as well. Before the order is finalised, you will have the option to preview it, to ensure that the final design looks exactly as you're like it to. Then, you finalise your order and just – relax. We'll take it from there.



Where can I put personalised magnets other than the fridge?

You can display them on a magnetic board, a wall painted with magnetic paint or a metal backsplash. Any metal surface, such as a gym locker or school locker, freezer, fridge, filing cabinet made of metal, even sticking them to a metal window frame.

How can you display personalised magnets on a wall?

In order to be able to stick your personalised magnets on a wall, you have to paint the wall with a special magnetic paint. Magnetic paint attracts magnets because it contains millions of microscopic metal particles. Alternatively, you could buy a metal wall board to pin to the wall and simply apply any magnets to that board!

What can I use personalised magnets for?

For anything! With regards to business, you can make magnetic business cards that your customers or prospects will always have right in front of their eyes – on their fridge door! As a business, you can promote an opening or a reopening, beginning of season sale, contact information or any other aspect really, and your customers will take notice and be sure to remember it as everyone needs and uses fridge magnets on daily basis. From the personal aspect, personalised magnets can be used as an invitation of an event, such as a wedding or an engagement party, a graduation ceremony, baby shower, anniversary, etc. They can also be used as a reminder of wonderful times and memories created of such an event, after it has gone bay. Personalised magnets serve as testaments to memories long after the Instagram story or a Facebook post have disappeared. Unlike photographs which are likely in a photo album carefully stored in a drawer, memories stuck to a fridge are always visible, constant reminder that puts a smile on everyone's faces.

What do personalised magnets stick to?

Personalised magnets stick to any metal surface in your home, office, car, school or anywhere else for that matter! If it's metal, it will stick to it!

personalised magnets

How can you set up a successful campaign with personalised fridge magnets?

personalised fridge magnet fits a variety of occasions and is the perfect gift to hand out to employees or relations. It makes little difference whether your company participates in an event or gives away promotional merchandise such as a photo magnet in a normal setting.

How can you set up a successful campaign with personalised fridge magnets?

Choose your personalised magnet

Browse through our large selection of personalised magnets and select your favourite style. Select the number of magnets you would like to order and proceed to personalising them. We have so many magnets that it might be hard to choose, so feel free to take the time to choose the perfect one! A good guideline for choosing the right one is to consider the recipients's needs, your goal and your company's branding.

Personalise your magnet

Use our online product design tool to personalise your magnet. You can add an image and/or text in a variety of fonts. You don't need any design experience to create fantastic personalised magnets! Make sure you get your image size, font details (type, italics, bold, etc) and colours right! And don't worry - you'll have the option to preview it before your order is finalised.

We'll handle the rest

Once you're happy with the product and your personalisation, sit back and relax, we'll take it from there. When you are done designing, we'll do take care of the printing.

A little bit more about personalised magnets

All the benefits of using affordable magnets

personalised magnets

Cheap magnets are presented as an economical and effective alternative to traditional advertising and marketing. Personalised gifts are always a welcome detail and we are sure that your clients and employees will appreciate it.

But do not think that they will be the only ones to benefit from the unbeatable prices magnets – you and your brand will see many advantages too. The first is that, as we are in charge of manufacturing promotional magnets, they will cost you less than you imagine and, in addition, you will be able to personalise any detail you want. Here are some other benefits to consider!

All the benefits of using promotional magnets

Promotional magnets are presented as an economical and effective alternative to traditional advertising and marketing. Personalised gifts are always a welcome token of appreciation and we are sure that your clients and employees will appreciate it. But do not think that they will be the only ones to benefit from the promotional fridge magnets – you and your brand will see many advantages too.

The first is that, as we are in charge of manufacturing promotional magnets, they will cost you less than you imagine and, in addition, you will be able to personalise any detail you want. There are so many benefits to using these cheap magnets, including earning customers' trust and gaining brand visibility.

Wholesale fridge magnets are small and inexpensive magnets, that the recipients will find very useful. These are also the 3 great reasons why you should incorporate these items in your marketing campaign! If you are thinking of a widespread distribution of advertising magnets in events such as trade fairs, wholesale fridge magnets are the right choice for you. It will be easy to transport them, you will be able to respect your budget and you will give a welcome gift that will certainly not go unnoticed. Wholesale custom magnets are also a great choice because the more you buy, the less you spend. The only question will be which personalised fridge magnets bulk option will you choose?

Why include personalised company logo magnets in your marketing strategy?

A communication tool for brands par excellence, the personalised company logo magnet is often used by professionals to work on their brand image and communicate their corporate values. A personalised object such as the custom logo magnet for business offers wide visibility to your brand to a large audience. As a business, it will not only help you advertise but also stay etched in the consumer's mind permanently. It will thus be a communication support in its own right that will bring you notoriety and profit.

Why use wedding magnets as a wedding favour?

personalised magnets

Because gifting favours is a must for every successful wedding, especially when it consists of useful items everyone actually uses. No one like knick-knacks that only take up the space on the shelves and make the dusting the house even more tiring! Today, people cherish only items that can be useful in their home. It is these items that bring them joy. Here, by giving unique wedding magnets, you ensure a front row seat on the refrigerators of the people you love! This way they will think back to your celebration every time they search for something fresh in the fridge, making your event forever fondly memorable.

Choose unique style for your save the date magnets

Save the date fridge magnets are a fun twist on traditional cards and unique way to give your guests plenty of notice about the date of your big day, regardless of whether it is your wedding, engagement party, graduation, anniversary, baby shower, house-warming party, team building event or anything else for that matter! No matter what your style, occasion or recipients are - a save the date fridge magnet is a great way to show off your style.

Count on Camaloon for your personalised inexpensive magnets

Selecting your own wholesale custom magnets from Camaloon guarantees premium quality products which ensure proper adherence and a long-lasting surface. Personalise your magnet online using our fridge magnet maker, choosing from a variety of sizes, layouts, finishes, colours and so much more.

Should you need assistance navigating our website, finding any products, or choosing the flexible magnet best suited for your needs, don't hesitate to reach out through website contact form or chat. We will be more than happy to connect with you!

personalised magnets

Camaloon, the perfect magnet manufacturer

As we are a leading magnet manufacturer, you benefit from having specific magnets made in our company, without having to wait or to include a middleman. Whether round, square or rectangular, they come in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Our fridge magnet experts will do everything to ensure that you, the customer, are completely satisfied with your design. With Camaloon's online tool you can upload your images or text in just a few steps. Try it! Without a doubt, our custom fridge promotional magnets will help you stand out from the crowd. As a magnet manufacturer, we would like to support you in that goal!

Order Cheap Promotional Magnets

Whether it's an event, a customer visit or a trade show, Camaloon's affordable promotional magnets represent you as your business card. Inexpensive advertising magnets are ideal for reaching a wide audience in advertising campaigns. These advertising magnets are not only inexpensive, but also of high quality. Use our quantity discount for larger order quantities! This allows you to order at a reduced price and give away many copies, which will give you even greater brand visibility. Distributing cheap advertising magnets is effective, original and practical.

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