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Personalised bags

Boost your brand with promotional products
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Personalised bags with your logo

Personalised bags make a great gift item for your next company meeting or event. Printing your logo on personalised handbags, custom print bags, personalised bags for business, personalised wedding bags, personalised photo bags or paper bags is a simple yet powerful marketing strategy, as it offers wide exposure to your audience, from the office, to shopping malls, supermarkets, public transportation and on the street every time one carries these personalised bags.

How to personalise bags?

What are the best-selling personalised bags?

Our best-selling personalised bags are the ones that have the best value for money. These are our best value classic promotional bags that fit perfectly into a promotional campaign. They come in different materials and with different printing methods:



What are the cheapest personalised cloth bags that you offer?

Our team has made sure to offer the best price for quality promotional bags. At Camaloon you can find the best prices on the market. Our top picks for quality promotional bags are:

  • Cotton Bags : Our classic custom cotton bag suitable for anyone.
  • Best Value® Organic Cotton Shopping Bags : Cotton shopping bags are made from sustainably sourced materials.
  • Best Value® Organic Cotton Bags: Organic cotton bags are made from responsibly sourced materials.

What printing methods can I choose for my personalised bag?

We are our own manufacturers; That means we've brought together the best products and applied the best printing modes, all to ensure you get a high-quality promotional bag. Printing methods for custom bags include: screen printing, ideal for bulk orders for promotional campaigns and giveaways, and digital printing, ideal for detailed designs and even photos for your promotional bag.

We also offer orders without a minimum and without printing, so you can have a simple tote bag tailored to your needs and desires.

personalise bags

What are personalised bags?

Personalised bags are flexible containers designed to contain or protect something, and are used to carry a wide variety of things. These types of personalised articles are very useful in fairs and events, since they will allow the delivery of all kinds of information in the same promotional support that they can use in their day to day. In this sense, many brands decide to personalise different custom fabric bags with their logo so that their clients and workers keep them in mind. In other words, these custom bags will become a very useful and effective indirect marketing element.

Who uses personalised bags?

Personalised bags are used by all types of brands, organizations or individuals who want to give an original gift. For this reason, it is becoming more and more fashionable to give personalised backpacks with a special design and, get a unique and special product. In addition, at Camaloon we have a wide variety of personalised bag models with different details, designs and uses that you will certainly find the best one, that will stand out. Your employees and customers will use your brand's bags in the most practical and effective way in their day to day life. It's an easy way to promote yourself with useful and simple articles!

personalise bagslizadas

Where can I print my personalised bags?

The printing of personalised bags is usually on the front of the bags. However, the printing area where you can print your designs or your logos on personalised bags changes depending on the model of bag or backpack chosen. For this reason, our experts will help you choose the personalised bags that best suit the needs of your brand. By having so many models of custom bags and backpacks, you will surely find the ideal one for your brand or event. And some of our bag models can be personalised on both sides!

personalise bags

Do you have personalised environmentally friendly bags?

It is important for us that your brand and environmental values are represented in your promotional bags. That is why we offer a wide range of eco-friendly personalised bags:

Can I print on paper bags?

At Camaloon we also offer printing on paper bags. Personalised paper bags increase the impact of your promotional gifts by packing gifts in branded paper bags.

personalise bags

Can I have my promotional bag with personalised packaging?

Camaloon offers custom packaging for each promotional bag you order. You can continue shopping and choose your personalised packaging between boxes, envelopes and plastic bags, all of which can be in full colour or printed in one colour with your logo or image.

Why choose personalised bags?

All models of personalised bags are growing in popularity and being used more frequently. The main reason is promotional, however, more and more companies decide to opt for these types of articles due to their environmentally beneficial association. In other words, the use of these drawstring bags, shopping bags, long-handled bags or tote bags allows us to reduce the excessive use of plastic in our day-to-day lives. In this way, its use allows your customers to go shopping with a bag with your logo or go to the gym with your slogan, and these actions will make them remember you as a brand that is aware of the environment.

How to choose the best personalised bags for my brand?

At Camaloon, as we have a wide range of personalised bag models, such as nursery backpacks personalised with the center's logo, and such large selection sometimes makes it difficult to choose the most appropriate model. For this reason, our experts will help you find the best personalised bag model that best suits your needs. In addition, with our online design tool you can design the different designs on personalised bags and backpacks or simply use any of our design template suggestions.

How to carry out a successful campaign with personalised bags?

It is a promotional item that was not used as much until relatively few years ago, so it can bring you an element of surprise when giving it as a gift. In order to be successful with personalised bags, the most important thing is to first define the objective of the campaign: Is it useful to give promotional bags or backpacks to potential customers? Is the image that will be given of our brand with personalised mugs personalised bags or backpacks what you want the customers to see? Should the personalised bags be complemented with personalised logo pens to give my campaign more weight? Whatever path you choose – we have the items and the expertise to help you.

Design your own bag

One bag or wholesale bags - we are the custom printed bags experts!

Surely walking down the street you have seen a lot of people carrying personalised bags, and it is one of the star products when it comes to merchandising for any commercial campaigns. Or perhaps you have received bags with names on them, such as personalised wedding bags, at the wedding you've been to. And it's no surprise they're this popular!

They are practical and very useful. When is it beneficial to make personalised bags? On every occasion! For marketing actions of your company as Welcome packs for your new workers or collaborators. You can also use custom bags and fill them with the products you sell in your store, as a surprise to your customers. They are also a perfect option for making a personalised gift.

Cheap personalised bags: all the models you can choose

As you can see, at Camaloon we always have a wide variety of products. There are as many types of custom bags as there are events and occasions on which you can use them. Do you need to know a little more about each of them? We detail it below.

Order personalised photo bags

Create your personalised bag using your favourite photos. Your trips, selfies or photos of your pets often make some of the best designs. Add motivating phrases or emoticons, any idea will look great on your new cloth bag. Take advantage or inspiration from our special templates and icons for photos, with many frames and fun masks. Custom bags make the most original gifts for birthdays, Christmas or a special celebration.

Personalised tote bags

These are the ‘it' bags of the moment, especially when personalised. The most sought after and easy to combine for multiple occasions. It is undoubtedly one of the most used personalised cloth bags, since its design is practical and spacious, so it is possible to store many things in it. In addition, it goes well with any style, from the most casual and sporty to the most professional. You can easily personalise tote bags with our user-friendly online tool. It's very easy! Choose your illustration, your logo, or write an inspiring phrase, and in just a few minutes… voilà! You will have your design ready to print.

Custom paper bags

No, they are not extinct. In fact, they continue to have a presence in many shops. Personalised craft bags (which are the classic paper bags) are chosen by large businesses, as is the case in the retail sector and food supermarkets. They are a resistant product, which can be used and reused on multiple occasions. In addition, another point in favour is that they are recyclable. If you think that personalised paper bags are the product that best fits your business, your next marketing action or commercial campaign, don't hesitate to take a look. They are an economical option that guarantees quality and visibility.

Custom shopping bags

These are simply a part of everyone's life. We are born, we grow up, we become independent and it is up to us, to make the right choices including making smart purchase. What better way to do it than with your own personalised shopping bag? It is a very good idea to include in a welcome pack for your employees, or as a gift to a business partner, family or friends. We'll give you a valuable tip: always keep one in the glove compartment of your car, you never know when you're need it. You're welcome!

Personalised beach bags

Wow, wow… without a bag there is no beach either. It is a summer must have and we know all too well at Camaloon. There are many brands of cosmetics and personal products that take advantage of the summer season to go push out campaigns, always including personalised beach bags as the start promotional product. Surely you have seen them together with a pack of products, and it is an ideal marketing hook for attracting more sales and higher profit value. Put it to the test!

Custom plastic bags

Although there are many different models, personalised plastic bags are still used as the most popular. Who hasn't happened to go out to do an errand, stop by a store, buy something and... not carry bags. As this usually happens, businesses today still make sure to have personalised plastic bags under the counter, since they are an essential item. In addition, they are cheap personalised bags, so it is very easy to get a hold of them.

Logo wine bottle bags

Do you have a restaurant? Or perhaps a business where wines are sold? Any option is great if what you need are bags for wine bottles. Many times we order wine for dinner but we don't finish the bottle. This is not a problem as long as you have a wine bag handy. Your customers will love it if you give them the bottle like this to take home – this will guarantee they go without a bitter taste in their mouth!

Custom cloth bags

Are you looking for a product for your merchandising that is practical and increases your brand awareness? Then your thing is personalised cloth bags. We have different models made from quality materials. These made-to-measure fabric bags are also very useful for everyday use: you can use them to take your laptop to university, to shop sustainably or as a daily bag to hold all your belongings.

Choose your personalised bag according to its material

As always, materials matter. And it is that sometimes, the fabric can be the decisive factor when choosing our personalised bag. Since a personalised plastic bag is not the same as a cotton one, we will explain below what materials we work with at Camaloon.

Personalised cotton bags

It is the favourite and star material for a lot of products. We also manufacture personalised organic cotton bags, which are the most environmentally sustainable thanks to their fair manufacturing. It should also be noted that cotton is a type of material that lets your skin breathe, therefore aiding the health of your skin. Personalised bags are in constant contact with our body, especially in summer. If you have a certain skin sensitivity, we recommend using this type of bag. You will notice the difference!

Personalised jute bags

For some time now, jute has become one of the favourite materials for both decoration products and accessories. To get to know it a little more, you should know that it is completely natural – it comes from a fibrous herbaceous plant. These fibers are extracted from it, and they are so resistant that when treated and intertwined with each other, they create a perfect mesh. Thanks to this process, and knowing the high quality result, we offer personalised jute bags, since they are very resistant, reusable, sustainable, and why not say it - beautiful.

Custom polyester bags

Normally the products that are manufactured with polyester are usually cheaper since it is a material made with synthetic fibers. Although it is a less sustainable product than cotton, it is very resistant to corrosion and heat. If you prefer to buy cheap personalised bags, we recommend you take a look at our polyester fabric bags. You will surely find yours!

Custom cork cloth bags

We mix two products, cotton and cork, to create our personalised cork bags. Do you like personalised tote bags? Well, for the cork tote bag, we add a small touch of cork and you already have a personalised bag with a natural and rustic aesthetic. Remember that this detail can be decisive when it comes to the best fit for your brand or idea.

What can you use the Camaloon personalised bags for?

We know that a bag is a bag, and that it carries things. It is easy. But in case it hasn't occurred to you when you might need to use a personalised bag, here are some ideas.

Personalised travel bags

Now that airlines have become more strict than ever with luggage, using one of our personalised bags for your trip will help you both to carry everything you need. And thanks to the personalisation you make, you will easily recognise your personalised bag on the baggage carousel.

Personalised bag for the teacher

We propose two personalised bag ideas for a teacher. The first: it's the end of the year and you want to thank your favourite teacher for everything she has taught you this year. Don't think twice - design your own personalised bag that you can gift to her. She will love it! The second idea we have for you is to make a joint gift to the entire faculty of a school or institute. Can you imagine that the whole team will arrive every day with a message that represents the school? We think it's a very fun and inclusive idea.

Personalised backpacks for children

A product for the little ones at home! We encourage you to design it together. Surely you are already imagining the look on your little one's face when the custom backpack arrives to your home and she or he opens their very own personalised cloth bag. If you prefer, you can also find several models of personalised backpacks for children that you will love. Many nurseries and schools look for these models to personalise them with their name and logo.

Personalised snack bag

We continue to promote sustainable and reusable products, that will not break your bank. It's time for cheap personalised snack bags that you can design with your own print, such as your child's initials or a special drawing. Personalised snack back will be hard to lose and easy to recognize for both you and your child! They are perfect for daily environmentally friendly use.

Personalised lunch bag

Perfect for the office, the university, or for school. It is a product that fits into any routine. If you are thinking of adding something else to your shopping basket or a welcome pack, without a doubt - a personalised lunch bag with your brand's logo is a very good idea.

In addition to creating interesting merchandising products for your communication campaigns, you promote the "Zero Waste" movement, since you are using eco-friendly product, unlike the alternative aluminum foil which is highly polluting and non-biodegradable.

Personalised bags for weddings

At Camaloon we make sure your personalised wedding bags are created perfect. Upload a nice photo, write a phrase or a verse, your initials, add a floral ornament or maybe something more modern. Whatever your style, you can shape it here to perfection. We have a gallery of special wedding resources, icons and ornaments. Discover them now!

Personalised business bags

Do you have a stand at a trade fair and want your company to stand out? In that case, let Camaloon help you create the personalised business bags. Imagine all your buyers carrying around a tote bag with your company logo on it. Of course, remember to ask them to tag you on LinkedIn, the photos will be great promotion for you!

Useful information on caring for personalised bags

If you are going to buy personalised cloth bags, it is essential that you know how to take care of them and keep them in perfect condition. To guarantee their durability and hygiene, here are some tips for good maintenance and storage at home.

You can alternate several personalised bags so they don't get dirty and you have more time to clean them. We recommend washing them every two or three uses, to keep bacteria away from the food you are going to transport.

To keep the print on your personalised bag in good condition, remember to always wash it inside out. You can wash them by hand with a mild soap or use washing machine. Remember to drain it well and lay it flat as much as possible. If it's stained, for example oil, you can wash it by hand using a Marseille soap or a detergent with ammonia. Remember to rub well and let dry before putting in the washing machine. It is very important to wash them in cold water or at a low temperature, since cotton is a material that tends to shrink with hot water. If you want to keep your personalised bags in perfect condition, never wash them in temperatures above 60°. Dryer can shrink personalised bags, just like clothes.

  • Personalised mini cotton bags : Mini cotton bags 140 g/m² | 0.25 L serves as a case to store small gifts or everyday items.

  • Cotton bags with colored handles : Our personalised cotton bag sold at a perfect price.

  • Cotton and jute bags : Classic cotton and jute shopping bags perfect for your campaign and at an affordable price.

    Personalised jute bags : Promotional jute bag, ideal for shopping or as an eye-catching accessory.

    • Recycled Cotton Foldable Personalised Bags : Personalised foldable bag made entirely from recycled materials.

    • Personalised recycled cotton bags “Tote bags” : Promotional bag made of recycled materials ideal to make a strong impact with your promotional campaign.

    • Personalised Flat Handle Paper Bags : Personalised Flat Handle Paper Bags, a perfect gift bag for small items.

    • Personalised paper bags with twisted handles : Promotional paper bags with twisted handles ideal for filling with small purchases.

    • Personalised Paper Bottle Bags with Cross Handles : Personalised paper wine bags with twist handles as a perfect fit for a bottle of your choice.

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