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Design your own personalised stickers

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Choose vinyl stickers by shape

At Camaloon, ordering your personalised stickers has never been easier, faster, or more flexible. You have complete control over the design process, choosing the method that best suits you. Once you have created your design, simply specify the size, material type, and the desired quantity.

Unlike other companies, Camaloon has no minimum or required quantities. You'll receive an instant quote on our website, and we provide free design reviews, so no surprises! We pride ourselves in exceeding expectations and delivery exactly what you had in mind!

Personalised stickers for cars, motorbikes and bicycles

There are so many options for personalized stickers for cars, motorbikes and bicycles. Don't know where to go to make personalised stickers? At Camaloon you can design your personalised stickers for cars and bikes, with country flags or different icons. Moreover, you can add your name or any text you want to the stickers. Camaloon custom stickers are weather, water and uv sunlight resistant so they won't fading or peeling off. They are perfect for sticking directly on your car, motorbike, bicycle, scooter, case or any other accessory.

stickers for cars

Personalised stickers for companies

Customised stickers for companies are an ideal resource to give visibility to your brand. One of the most common ways to use custom stickers is for packaging branding. They are also perfect to hand out in advertising campaigns. At Camaloon you can order personalised stickers online with a 100% customised design. You can create them with a logo and text, or upload a photo and complete it with the message of your choice. You can also make custom stickers with different types of material depending on your needs: standard vinyl for indoor use or resistant vinyl for outdoor use.

stickers for companies

Personalised stickers for birthdays and parties

Personalised stickers are a great way to add a personal touch to any event, including birthdays and parties. You can order and print personalised stickers to decorate invitation envelopes, to personalise banners or welcome signs, or to complete gifts for invited children. You can also use personalised stickers to decorate the food and drinks on the candy table, the snack table or any space at the event. Personalised stickers are an easy way to add a personal touch to any event.

stickers for birthdays

Personalised stickers for christenings, weddings and communions

We know that christenings, weddings and communions are very special celebrations that need unique details to make them even more unforgettable. For this, personalised stickers are an excellent resource. You can create your stickers with the design or photo you like the most and complete them with your names as well as the date and even the place of the celebration. Personalised stickers will help you turn your party into a lasting memory.

stickers for christenings

Buy custom stickers at Camaloon

If you need to create and print stickers with your own design, Camaloon is the online shop you fro you. Buying personalised stickers is very easy. In just a few clicks you can upload your design and personalise it with text or name you want. You can also choose the right material to find the most economical and suitable format for your needs. Forget about complicated and out-dated sites and discover Camaloon's way to make personalised stickers.

stickers at Camaloon

Frequently asked questions about Camaloon’s personalised stickers

Custom stickers and labels made to measure for your shop window, your packaging, your orders, and your clients



Although we are not that bold to say we are the only sticker printing company in the world, we have been printing personalised stickers in the UK for more than 10 years now. When you buy your stickers at Camaloon you can enjoy a wide range of stickers with an easy to use design tool and fast delivery options. Just try our unique design template and see how fun and effective personalised stickers are in your campaign.

What type of personalised sticker can I design and order?

personalised stickers

Every personalised sticker falls under one of the following categories: you choose by shape, material, occasion or element you want to put the sticker on. The shape of your stickers can be round, rectangular, square or oval. If you want something different than Camaloon's standard shapes, then that is also possible via the option custom shaped stickers. You choose the finish, cut type and size, and then you personalise the design in the next few steps.

When to use personalised name stickers or sticker labels?

personalised stickers

Remember that conference where no one was wearing a personal or company label? That is exactly the reason why sticker labels have been invented. With personalised sticker labels you wouldn't feel overwhelmed or the need to ask all these basic questions.

How to get your stickers personalised?

Whether your aim is business or pleasure related, having your stickers personalised is easy with our online design tool. Any design you have in mind is possible, of course within the limits of the size of sticker you opt for.

First you make your choice of shape, material or occasion. You then get several options, like for example finish, cuts, type of corners and size, before adding the desired quantity to your shopping cart and personalising your order. During the personalising phase of your stickers you can add elements by uploading a logo or photo or choose to write only text. Text can be changed in size and colour as well as font. Even the background colour can be adapted to your taste. And if you want to add icons or clip art those options are also available in Camaloon's sticker design tool.

After checking your design and being happy and content with it, you will order your stickers and Camaloon's printing experts will go to work to complete and send your order.

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