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Personalised hoodies sweatshirts

Design sweatshirts for companies
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With personalised hoodies & sweatshirts you can create gift items that truly everyone will love and wear. Printing on sweatshirts is fun! Choose your favourite printed sweatshirt and let your creativity explode! On our site you will find cheap but high quality custom sweatshirts, so you can create a garment that will certainly not go unnoticed. Camaloon is your place to create personalised sweatshirts, UK!

Highlight your brand with unique and original garments

Personalised hoodies help you create brand impact because they are a useful, original and quality product that can make your proposition known to many people. In addition, custom hoodies can display your logo or message in style, creating an image of unity and professionalism.

You can also choose from different techniques, designs, colours and fabrics to customise your sweatshirts according to your target audience and your corporate identity. At Camaloon you can customise your sweatshirts with a full colour photo, with your logo or with funny phrases, the impact is guaranteed!



Choose personalised sweatshirts as a corporate gift and get it right!

Giving personalised sweatshirts as a promotional product is a good idea for several reasons. First of all, it's a useful and practical gift that your customers or employees can use on different occasions and at different times of the year. In addition, it allows you to reflect your company's image and values, as you can customise it with your logo or design. In this way, you generate visibility and recognition of your brand, as your customers or employees will become ambassadors of your business by wearing your sweatshirt.

Personalised sweatshirts are a gift that builds loyalty and motivates your customers or employees, as you will make them feel part of your team and thank them for their trust and work. If sustainability is one of the values you want to transmit as a brand, choose organic cotton sweatshirts and transmit your commitment to the environment and people's health.

Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about hoodies & sweatshirts from Camaloon

personalised hoodies & sweatshirts

Why choose a printed hoodies and sweatshirt for brand promotion?

The sweatshirt is a garment that we all use every day to go to work, go out with friends or go to the gym, so it represents a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand, if the custom sweatshirt is personalised with your logo or slogan. So why not choose a beautiful, printed sweatshirt for brand promotion? In our catalog you can find many different types for men, women and children: in cotton or polyester, with or without hood, with full or half zip, and so many more. You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs. Different printing techniques available will allow you to personalise them exactly as you want, remembering that the logo sweatshirts are perfect for giving maximum prominence to your brand.

What are the prices of personalised hoodies and sweatshirts?

There are custom sweatshirts for every type of budget and price range. From cheap personalised sweatshirts to those of a higher category. Browse through our online catalogue, you will find all types of sweatshirts.

personalised hoodies & sweatshirts

What other products can I include with the personalised sweatshirts online?

If you really want to stand out when you start a marketing campaign, you can also associate other items that integrate perfectly with the online personalised sweatshirts. It all really depends on the goals you want to achieve and the budget available. Our product catalogue is very rich and you can find everything in it, from badges to personalised business cards, up to all kinds of stickers to spread your brand everywhere.

How to style a hoodie or a sweatshirt?

In many ways! The runways have recently been swamped with countless outfit ideas that include – a sweatshirt. Personalised embroidered sweatshirts, and personalised initial sweatshirts especially! And it's no wonder, really. Custom sweatshirts are comfortable, can be personalised any way you want and you can also style them any way you want. Wear them with sweatpants and runners for a completely relaxed look, or over a long plisse skirt and fancy sneakers for a casual smart look. Or, wear them with jeans and high heels, and throw a blazer over – you've got an office outfit.

personalised hoodies & sweatshirts

How to make custom sweatshirts?

Personalised sweatshirts can accommodate a fairly large graphic, thanks to the large print area available both on the front and on the back of the garment. This allows the design you want to imprint on the sweatshirts to be extremely visible, therefore to be certainly noticed by everyone. In our catalog you will find many models of sweatshirts that allow you to make any type of custom design you want, for a truly creative and effective marketing campaign.

How to make a successful campaign with cheap personalised sweatshirts?

In order for a marketing campaign to be successful and to be truly effective, several aspects must be taken into consideration, but certainly originality is the basis of every goal. For this reason, promotional items are often made particularly attractive, so that everyone can remember that particular brand. That's why cheap custom hoodies are a much sought-after item, perfect for your brand promotion campaigns.

What types of hoodies and sweatshirts can be customised?

There are custom sweatshirts and t-shirts that you can personalise as you like. The various models available allow you to find the most suitable solution based on the type of campaign and the specific customer audience you are targeting (very young, adults, men, women, children, families, etc.)

hoodies & sweatshirts

Find out more about personalised embroidered hoodies & sweatshirts


How to make custom sweatshirts the easy way

Designing custom sweatshirts is not difficult: thanks to our design tool you can create your sweatshirts directly online even if you have no knowledge of graphics. Thanks to the simple program that we provide for creating custom sweatshirts, you can in fact upload your text, logo or custom graphics, and make all the changes you want in terms of colours, shapes, sizes, position and orientation.

Why is designing a printed sweatshirt online the best solution?

There are several good reasons why it is advisable to directly use a service that allows you to create your sweatshirt with prints online. Let's say first of all that personalising sweatshirts online is much easier than doing it in the shop: with our drawing tool you can in fact act on the graphics yourself, until you have obtained the desired result, and see a faithful preview of the final product. Moreover, thanks to this type of service you can optimize the costs related to inventory and warehouse, since you can customise your sweatshirts and quickly distribute them to your customers on the occasion of an upcoming event that will include the custom sweatshirts. This not only applies to personalised embroidered sweatshirts, personalised initial sweatshirts or other custom sweatshirts, but more generally for all promotional items you need.

personalised hoodies & sweatshirts

Get customised zip sweatshirts for your promotional campaigns

Colourful, elegant and creative: personalised zip sweatshirts are one of the most coveted promotional items by the public. Everyone would like to receive one as a gift and wear it in the city as well as in the gym or in their free time. A personalised zip-up sweatshirt is also a great way to express your way of being and understanding life, so whoever decides to wear one becomes somehow the ambassador of your brand in the world. Choose the custom zippered sweatshirts you prefer among the many that we put at your disposal, identify the perfect ones for your next campaign and personalise them easily thanks to our design tool. Business hoodies are always in.

Personalised printed sweatshirts with a hoodie

The personalised hooded sweatshirts are an evergreen with a slightly underground style, always pleasant to wear. The handy kangaroo pockets are also particularly convenient and allow you to keep your hands warm in winter. There are many colours available for your personalised hooded sweatshirt, and this solution that can make every promotion strategy a winner.

Buy perfect crewneck sweatshirts online

Suitable for any occasion and always pleasant to wear, the custom crewneck sweatshirts, or those without a hoodie, represent an interesting growth opportunity for the visibility and your brand awareness. Customise them as you like and highlight your logo or brand name, perhaps both on the front and on the back, to give maximum visibility for your advertising message.

personalised hoodies & sweatshirts

Design your own personalised initial sweatshirts

Personalised name sweatshirts are a unique tool for your business, an advertising vehicle with an extraordinary communicative power. In fact, having sweatshirts printed with your company name is a winning strategy, the great merit of which is to make sure you show your brand name to a multitude of people.

Personalised sweatshirts for men are also popular

A print on personalised sweatshirts for men can greatly enhance a garment that is highly appreciated in itself, both by young people and adults. For this reason, consider the possibility of providing beautiful sweatshirts for men to customise in your next promotional campaign, you will see that the public will greatly appreciate this beautiful idea.

Personalised sweatshirts for women are coveted globally

Discover our collection of personalised sweatshirts for women: many different models and colours designed specifically for the joy of those who will wear them. Choose the style that best suits the audience you are targeting, customise it in a creative way and amaze your most loyal customers with a gift as unexpected as it is appreciated.

personalised hoodies & sweatshirts

Here you can buy personalised sweatshirts for children

Children love sweatshirts, they consider them a comfortable garment to wear and for this reason they prefer them to other garments. If yours is a business aimed precisely at the little ones, or if you still want to make a beautiful gift that extends to the whole family, personalised sweatshirts for children are ideal.

Unisex personalised sweatshirts for everyone

The unisex personalised sweatshirts are a universal garment, perfectly adaptable to everyone's clothing needs. Choose an appropriate model among the many available, identify a base colour that goes well with those of your company and customise the product as you prefer, making each sweatshirt a unique garment.

Are you thinking of buying a personalised sweatshirt for your partner?

Have you ever thought that a sweatshirt can be an important seal of love between two people? In fact, many couples would like to wear sweatshirts that testify their feeling towards their partner. Why not give them this wonderful opportunity, which can turn into a good business opportunity for you?

personalised hoodies & sweatshirts

Designing personalised sweatshirts online for the whole family

If your business is about products or services that may be of particular interest to children or the family, having beautiful personalised sweatshirts made online for families would be a great idea. You could think of one for dad, with ad hoc custom design, one for mom and one for the little ones. Think of the advertising return for you, if they decide to wear your sweatshirts at events attended by other parents!

Buy cheap but high quality custom sweatshirts to stay on budget

When the budget available is limited, solutions must be found that allow a compromise between quality and price to be reached. For this you find on our site some beautiful cheap personalised sweatshirts suitable for your needs: you can find the sweatshirts that are right for you and that are cheap. Not bad, considering, among other things, that there is no minimum order quantity and for this reason we are talking about an ideal solution if what you need for your next campaign are beautiful and cheap custom online sweatshirts.

Get personalised winter sweatshirts for comfort and well-being

When it's cold, nothing is more pleasant than wearing a soft sweatshirt that can help shield us from the frost. Surely, the winter period is when most people use clothing of this type, and therefore do well to take advantage of it and have your personalised winter sweatshirts made with writing or logo, you will see that customers will appreciate.

Design a custom Christmas print hoodie - the perfect gift under the tree

Do you want to amaze customers, friends or relatives with a gift that is really appreciated and that can let them perceive all your care in choosing? A sweatshirt with personalised Christmas prints is the right idea, whether you want to make a nice gift to the family or to wish your customers a Merry Christmas in a creative and fun way. A little creativity is enough to combine your advertising message with a Christmas design,or add the name of the people you care about most.

Custom design corporate sweatshirts

Personalised corporate sweatshirts are in high demand and impressive. In addition, the demand for sweatshirts to be customised by companies that wish to provide their employees with clothing suitable for the type of duties is growing. You can therefore choose the sweatshirts you want and make your own custom design, so as to make them perfectly adaptable to the type of work done by the people who will wear them.

Personalised work sweatshirts

Custom black sweatshirts are in high demand and impressive. A coloured text or design on a black background acquires great visibility. Furthermore, the demand for personalised black sweatshirts is on the rise by companies that wish to provide their employees with clothing suitable for this type of work. You can therefore choose the black sweatshirts you want and make your own custom design, so as to make them perfectly adaptable to the type of work done by the people who will wear them.

Sweatshirt with custom lettering, what a great design idea

Everyone today wears sweatshirts, both at home and outside, as it is possible to combine them with any type of clothing and are soft to the touch. For this reason, those who receive a sweatshirt with free personalised writing will be pleasantly impressed and will tend to further loyalty to your brand, becoming a reliable but unaware spokesperson.

Sweatshirt with quality prints

Everyone today wears sweatshirts, both at home and outside, as it is possible to combine them with any type of clothing and are soft to the touch. For this reason, those who receive a sweatshirt with free prints will be pleasantly impressed and will tend to further loyalty to your brand, becoming a reliable but unaware spokesperson.

Logo sweatshirts, maximum visibility for your brand

Sweatshirts with custom logos are perfect when your goal is to give maximum diffusion to your brand. If yours is a new business, or if this already exists and you want to renew its image, having beautiful custom logo sweatshirts made is the right idea to make sure that everyone can notice and familiarise themselves with.

Custom embroidered sweatshirts

Personalised embroidered sweatshirts can be the classic icing on the cake for your next communication campaign. An embroidery is in fact a solution that can greatly enhance your personalised sweatshirts. It gives great elegance and highlights the emblem, logo or design that you have decided to have embroidered on. In addition, our quality embroideries are resistant to washing and do not get damaged by losing colours. On the contrary, these will remain brilliant over time, thus giving everyone the opportunity to wear this beautiful garment for a really long time. If you are looking for a solution that allows you to stand out from your competitors and offer something new and elegant, personalised sweatshirts with embroidery can be for you.

How to buy personalised hoodies with printed high quality photos

The personalised sweatshirts with photos that we at Camaloon offer you are of high quality and made with carefully selected materials. Discover all the softness of organic cotton, you will fall in love with this fabric as soon as you wear one of our sweatshirts. Polycotton, on the other hand, is extraordinary for the resistance of its fibers and therefore has the ability to withstand washing cycles over time. By purchasing our sweatshirts, you will therefore have the certainty of having chosen a product destined to last over time, whose colour does not fade and whose custom designs do not fear washing. We are talking about high quality personalised sweatshirts, UK!

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