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Personalised badges

Stand out with unique details for your company
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Personalised badges for all occasions

Simply create your personalised badges with your photos and designs. Choose a shape and a size and start designing!

Design your custom badges quickly and easily

At Camaloon, you can turn a logo, text, or photograph into a custom badge with just a few clicks. Simply upload your design and frame it as you wish, and you're done. No complications! You can choose the format that you like the most or that best fits your style.

You can create personalised badges with a name or personalised photo badges for your company, corporate events, or celebrations such as baptisms, communions, weddings, or anniversaries. Let your imagination run wild and create an original and fun gift that is always appreciated by everyone.

custom badges

Create them the way you want

Discover all the possible ways to easily personalise your badges.

Why get personalised badges from Camaloon?

Camaloon is a European leader in production of personalised badges. Our internal production allows us not only to have the best prices on the market, but also guarantee the best delivery times and the highest quality.

As a tech company, we invest a lot of time and resources in our technological processes, like our web (where you can make use of our incredibly simple and user-friendly designing system) and our factory (where we have total control even to the smallest detail, so you can have your perfect personalised badges).

custom badges

What variety of badges do you offer?

Our badges are made from steel and they're available in many different sizes. Moreover, not only do we offer matte and glossy finishes for your personalised badges, but also metallic, gold and glow-in-the-dark bases!



What variety of personalised badges does Camaloon offer?


Our personalised badges are made from steel, and they are available in many different shapes and sizes. Some shapes have a specific size (the rectangular ones are 68 x 45 mm), while other personalised metal badges have more options (the round ones are between 25 and 56 mm). Top-selling shapes are personalised round badges, square badges and hexagon shaped badges.

What type of finishes are available for my personalised badge?

We offer a maximum of five finishes for your unique and personalised badge. Depending on the shape you have selected, you can choose for a matte or glossy finish. The base of the custom badge also affects its finish. Camaloon's badges can be ordered with a metallic base, a gold base or a very special glow-in-the-dark base.

custom badges

Can I order personalised badges with reels?

personalised badge with reel is a badge with a retractable cord between two clips. One of the clips is attached to a piece of clothing, while the other one is connected with your ID card or other type of badge. Although we don't have badges with reels yet, we do have badge key rings that can easily be attached to your pocket or work or school bag with a separate clip.

What if I need a more personal badge like personalised staff name badges?

Personalised staff name badges[https://camaloon.com/en/personalised-badges/personalised-name-badges-name-tags-stickers] are different from regular badges, as they exist of a personalised badge holder with the option to add a one-of-a-kind name tag. The badge holder can be printed with the company logo or the organisation's name and department, and the staff member's name can later be added by printing it out on paper, cutting it in the right size and sliding it inside the badge holder's clear space.

How to personalise badges?

Let's explain how to personalise your badges in 5 steps that are easy to follow and execute: Choose the shape of your preference, pick a size and a finish Use Camaloon's online design tool by uploading a logo, photo, text or other design element Once your personal design is completed, our quality department will check the design, print a badge, and assess the outcome (only perfectly printed badges are acceptable) Decide what quantity you want to order and choose your delivery time depending on our logistical partners Receive your personalised badges, share the badges and wear them Getting your badges personalised via Camaloon's online design tool makes the whole process of perfecting your custom badge so much easier than you expect. Just try it.

How long will it take to create and receive my personalised badges?

Creating your personalised badges with Camaloon is an incredibly fast and easy process. We provide you with the most simple designing experience your company can have! After creating your order, you are going to have a wide variety of delivery options to choose from.

Do you offer other services to enterprises for buying personalised badges?

Some of the many things you can do is order many different designs within the same order without paying more, you also have the possibility to receive your personalised badges in separate packages. Contact us and one of our agents will help you and guide you in the process of creating your order of personalised badges!

 custom badges

Why buy your personalised badges in bulk?

If you order your personalised badges in bulk you will always have them in stock whenever you get the opportunity to use them as a promotional item, whether you add them to parcels of customers who order frequently or give them away at company events. Cheap personalised badges are an easy and cost-effective way of promoting your business or cause, because a customer will be able to identify with your product or service. They are your best form of advertisement, and anyone who sees the badge and asks why will hear about it passionately.

What are other means of promoting my business besides personalised badges?

Other promotional items may include: Personalised magnetics badges for the fridge or to attach to other metal objects Personalised T-shirts with your design with DTG printing or silkscreen printing (depending on the number of colours and type of fabric) Personalised tote bags as a means of packaging various items at one and the same time

What are the advantages of combining personalised badges with other products?

Your promotional efforts will peak if you mix and match several promotional items with a personalised badge. Just collect everything that is a perfect representation of your company or situation: logo, slogan (or other message in text), photos or other images, and combine them effectively to promote your brand. Your beautiful and clever design combined with our printing expertise will attract both existing and potential customers. Your company will increase brand awareness, with company growth only as a logical consequence.

 custom badges

Are personalised pin badges only suitable for business purposes?

If your personalised pin badges are of a more private nature, then guests will be blown away by your thoughtfulness and the personal touch you have clearly taken the time to create. So there you have it: personalised badges will find a way to everyone's heart and mind, and that's exactly what you are after.

How long will the process for personalised badges take?

Creating your own designs with Camaloon is an incredibly fast and easy process. Our online design tool provides you with the most simple yet effective designing experience with flexible options. After completing your badge, you will see what delivery times are available and what they cost. Sometimes delivery is even free when you order in bulk.

Personalised badges – Camaloon's promotional product specialty

How to make personalised badges?

  1. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes that best suit your needs.
  2. Using Camaloon's online tool, upload your logo, designs, images, text, etc.
  3. Once the design is finished it will be evaluated and once they have been printed the outcome will be assessed so they are absolutely perfect.
  4. The next step will be to simply decide the quantity you would like to order.
  5. Receive your custom badges and start using them immediately.

Camaloon has perfected an online tool that makes designing products such as personalised badges so much easier.

We have perfected manufacturing personalised badges

We have a large team of experts in designing and producing promotional items, and personalised badges is one of our greatest specialities. Our quality and design department is right across the road from our printing facilities, so all eyes are focused on delivering only flawlessly printed personalised metal pin badges. We only aim for maximum results, and that is why you choose Camaloon time and time again for your personalised merchandise. We let you come up with a unique design for your personalised badges, and our team of professionals will evaluate a test print after the first phase of the design process. Upon reviewing that result, we will contact you if we have discovered something that can be improved and could be the reason for you not being happy with your custom designed badge. We will not be satisfied with the way your badge turned out until you are.

A personalised badge for schools and businesses – why they work

You don't pay much attention to a personalised badge when you see one. Most of the time you take them for granted, although they can be highly appreciated in a professional setting. That's why personalised badges for school or work are so effective. They cost next to nothing, they don't scream your message out loud, but they do catch your eye when you are in search of information. What type of information is printed on a personalised school or work badge? There is a Christmas fair organised by your school and you want to sell special buttons to collect money for charity. A sport's day is taking place and all students are invited to take part, but you do want to organise groups according to their age or school year. Working with colours on custom made badges is highly advised in this case. It makes recognition possible in only a wink of an eye.

A unique design makes personalised pin badges stand out

The truth is that the design of your personalised pin badges doesn't even have to stand out in such an extreme way. Just be creative and display the most essential aspects you want to express on the badge. For example: we don't offer personalised embroidered badges, but if your hobby is embroidering, then a close-up of your favourite piece of embroidery will be perfect to show at an arts and crafts fair. You can even zoom in on different types of embroidery stitches in the most fancy colours.

Personalised photo badges for birthdays, hen parties or weddings

The popularity of a badge doesn't stop with work, school or hobby, because personalised photo badges can be found in other fields as well. Imagine your brother turning 40, then personalised birthday badges of him as a baby in diapers and covered with whipped cream will be hilarious to wear during his birthday party. Photos on a badge, with or without text, also work wonders at other life events. Personalised hen party or wedding badges will not only be a memorable keepsake after the party, they will keep the group together and create a special sense of belonging. Years after the party you will still reach inside your box of memorabilia to find that one special badge. Memories you have long forgotten will come back to you, and maybe you will decide to contact every one again to organise a small reunion. This, of course, asks for new personalised badges.

Other badges are designed for specific sport events. You may not always win that tournament at the end of the sport season, but you will have proof you have taken part in every game because of the personalised sports badges that were created for them. If you as a parent want to show your child your support and stimulate him or her in regularly taking part in sports activities, then what would be a greater idea than to personalise a badge for the entire team? Design them per season or per match, you decide.

Camaloon's most special personalised badges

Your children will reach that age to leave the house much sooner than you will expect, and a nice way of letting your children (and you) think back of some of their most fond memories is to create special badges.

Some examples with photos and/or dates:

  • The first day of every new school year
  • Sleepover parties with friends (even more fun with our glow-in-the-dark background)
  • Birthdays and communions
  • Mowing lawns in the neighbourhood and earning their first money
  • Your child with his or her favourite pet
  • Hobbies, sports or other favourite activities
  • Their first car and getting their driving licence

Don't give the badges at the same time or right after the event has taken place, but bookmark Camaloon's website and personalise a badge after every moment has just passed. Design the badge, have your order delivered at home, and collect all badges in a special box for each child. Once he or she is ready to move out, add a personal letter to the box of memories and wrap the box in a lovely paper.

They can unwrap the present once they have arrived at their new place, and you can be sure happy tears will flow discovering every thoughtfully chosen moment represented by each personalised badge. The phone will ring before you know it. Good parenting is creative parenting, and some of Camaloon's smallest or cheapest products will touch lives in magical ways.

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