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Personalised water bottles

Choose sustainable promotional gifts
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Printed water bottles that show off your design

Customised bottles are an eco-friendly, elegant gift. Showcase these values in your brand image by designing water bottles with your company's logo. It's a unique detail that your customers won't forget. At Camaloon, you can choose the model you like the most in colors that best match your brand. There are no minimum quantities required, and your designs will be reviewed by humans completely free of charge.

Personalised water bottles for your business

How Personalised Water Bottles

1. Pick your water bottle

Browse our large selection of personalised water bottles to find the one that is best suited for your graphics and/or text and meets your company's promotional needs.

2. Personalise your water bottle

After you've found the perfect bottle, choose the number of bottles you will need and get creative! Our simple personalisation tool allows you to add images and text in a variety of fonts and colours.



Frequently asked questions on personalised water bottles

What are personalised water bottles?

Personalised water bottles are an excellent way to carry your daily fluids with you, whether you like them nice and cold during the more frequent summer heat waves or comfortable warm during the UK's winter months (or other cold seasons). They come in different shapes and sizes, and you can choose from six types of material.

Personalised water bottles

What are the advantages of a personalised insulated water bottle?

As we all know, summers in the UK are hotter than ever, but those days are in stark contrast to the other months of the year when a personalised insulated water bottle would be much more useful. A personalised thermos water bottle is a bottle that keeps your drink or soup warm much longer than a thermos flask that doesn't have an insulating layer.

Why are personalised insulated water bottles in the UK such a success?

When it comes to personalised insulated water bottles in the UK they are popular due to two factors: a double wand prevents the hot contents of the bottle to transfer that heat outside of the thermos because of the layer of air that forms a perfect barrier in between both wands (that is why you don't burn your hands), and having it with your name on it keeps others from using it.

Personalised water bottles

Are there only personalised water bottles for adults, or do personalised water bottles for kids also exist?

Of course, our collections include personalised water bottles for kids as well as personalised water bottles for adults!

What situation requires personalised metal water bottles instead of glass water bottles?

If you are having doubts about whether to order personalised metal water bottles, you should know that stainless steel or aluminum water bottles are less easy to damage and glass is, naturally, prone to breaking much faster. You should consider ordering a metal water flask when sports are involved. You can opt for the stainless steel or aluminum personalised sports or football water bottles for your team, or if it's for an individual sports person a personalised gym towel and water bottle would be more advisable.

Personalised water bottles

Can I decorate my personalised water bottle with stickers or labels?

Camaloon offers personalised stickers and they are a great way to decorate many items, but they are not suitable for water bottles. A personalised water bottle with stickers or labels is not a good idea, because these stickers will fade or be removed when washing them regularly. If you want a label on your water bottle, just add a permanent one to your design and let Camaloon's professional printing services do the rest.

What steps should you follow to get a (hot) water bottle personalised?

There are three easy steps to get your (hot) water bottle personalised and delivered to your address. First, you have to choose the material and design, and for obvious reasons, they love the glass bottle with a bamboo lid and tea infuser in the UK, but the cheapest option, a sports bottle with a grip also does the job. Then comes the fun part of personalising your design. You can add a logo, photo or company name, play with colours and fonts, but also just simply add a person's name and leave it at that. Once you click the order button Camaloon's printing facilities and delivery partners take care of the rest.

Personalised water bottles

Personalised plastic and metal water bottles for everyone and everywhere

The advantages of using personalised water bottles

Don't make the mistake personalised plastic water bottles that employees get at a company event or introduction are only used at the office, because generally people love taking a personal drinking container with them. Once a personalised logo water bottle has found its way to the employee's kitchen after work, it gets cleaned and then taken to pick nicks, on dog walks, and even on family road trips.

Choosing the perfect size for your personalised metal, glass or plastic water bottle

People who say that size doesn't matter, are not talking about water bottles and have always had access to water or any other type of drink. Of course size matters, and that is why all of Camaloon's personalised water bottles have a content of between 300 ml and 1 litre.

The size of a water bottle should be taken into account when selecting and personalising because you want it to fit into your (work) bag or backpack. The height of each water bottle ranges between 17 and 27 cm, and with a height difference of 10 cm you can understand why you shouldn't just choose a size without looking at the specifics. You think of the purpose of the water bottle and then select its size. Once you have done that, get ready to complete the design by adding your company logo, a name or a picture. Or leave the water bottle as it is if you like a plain and simple bottle with no distractions.

A popular size when it comes to personalised water bottles is the 750 ml size, and although there are several types of water bottles, these are our most ordered ones: the aluminum water bottle in fancy colours, the glossy stainless steel bottle or the minimalist style insulated flask of stainless steel.

Handy water bottles for kids – personalised children's water bottles

Your children love their custom water bottles. It gets filled with fresh juice, a lovely vegetable soup or just plain water. A key element when choosing your type of water bottle a personalised children's water bottle.

Ordering just one personalised water bottle for a teacher – it also an option

At the end of the school year your child wants to show its appreciation for what the teacher has taught during the year, and designing a personalised water bottle for your child's teacher is an excellent way of doing so. He or she will be able to enjoy that water bottle for many years. If you want to go all the way and let your child's gift match with those of his classmates, check with the other parents what they have in mind, and maybe you can complete the set with a personalised laptop sleeve or personalised key rings. A group photo of the complete class will remind the teacher of his favourite group of little people for many years to come.

Delivery options on personalised adult or kids water bottles

It doesn't matter if you've ordered personalised adult or kids water bottles, because delivery times are the same for every order, and they depend on the type of delivery method you have selected when finishing your order. Some factors that may affect the time of delivery are: the type of water bottle you ordered, the amount of water bottles in your order, and the location of the parcel has to be delivered. Delivery times not only depend on Camaloon's expert printing services, but also on the postal service or logistic company that operates in the country.


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