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Custom T-shirt printing

Design personalised T-shirts
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Customise your t-shirts with your logo or with the design you like the most at Camaloon. You can choose from a wide range of models: personalised t-shirts for men, t-shirts for women, technical t-shirts for sports or personalised organic cotton t-shirts.

In just a few clicks you can upload your design in the easiest and quickest way to create your own personalised t-shirts. Select your quantities and sizes to get your price instantly. Plus, we review your design for free to make sure you get your personalised t-shirts just the way you want them.

Personalised T-shirts that highlight your brand's unique style

Looking to make your business memorable and distinctive among competitors? Want your employees to exude a sense of unity and professionalism? Seeking an original and practical gift for your customers or collaborators? Look no further than personalised T-shirts.

These versatile, comfortable, and cost-effective garments can be tailored to your preferences, personalized with your desired logo, name, or message. Personalised T-shirts allow you to establish a strong and consistent corporate identity, foster customer trust and loyalty, and promote your brand wherever you venture.



Discover the 6 advantages of choosing personalised t-shirts as a corporate gift

Custom t-shirts are a powerful tool to boost your business and help it grow.

  • T-shirts help you stand out from the competition. When your business has T-shirts printed with your company logo, you gain value over the rest.
  • T-shirts give a professional appearance. It is ideal for businesses such as hospitality or construction as it offers a better image to customers. You can choose between different types of fabrics, colours, and models to adapt them to your style and that of your business.
  • T-shirts keep your brand in front of your customers. Every time someone sees your personalised T-shirt, they will remember your business and will be more likely to contact or recommend you again.
  • T-shirts make it easier for you to create a sense of unity and belonging among your employees. They encourage a sense of branding and an awareness of being part of a collective or organisation, unity and belonging within the company.
  • T-shirts serve as a walking billboard. All you need to do is create a striking design to catch the attention of everyone who sees your T-shirt. This way, you can promote your business without spending a lot of money on other more expensive or less effective media.
  • T-shirts offer are an original, ecological gift. If you want to surprise your clients or collaborators with a useful gift, personalised T-shirts are an ideal option. You can personalise them with anything you want including a design, message, funny phrase, congratulations or a thank you.

Printed T-shirts personalised for your company

T-shirt Screen printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screen printing, is the most common method used when personalising T-shirts. This technique uses a custom-made mesh screen placed on top of your T-shirts for each design. The print is produced by moving ink over the screen with a blade, transferring the colour and desired pattern onto a T-shirt. A special screen is made for each design, so large quantity orders help you make the most of your investment.

T-shirts personalised

Digital prints for T-shirts

DTG or 'direct to garment' printing is a process where the custom design is printed directly onto the fabric. This process produces some of the most detailed, intricate designs possible, using as many colours you want. If full-colour printing is what you need, that's what you will get! This method is usually used when ordering small quantities of high-quality products.

Double-sided T-shirt printing

Thanks to our advanced printing technology we have the possibility of printing T-shirts on both the front and the back. This means that you can put your company logo on the front, while boasting your promotional messages on the back. Double-sided printed T-shirts literally double the exposure of your brand and are a great option for when you can't decide on only one design!

T-shirts personalised

Why companies trust us to print personalised T-shirts and shirts

Every order is personalised because every client is unique

Business process

At Camaloon we purchase all products directly from the source and our experts carefully select T-shirts and brands that fit all kinds of marketing needs your business may have. We extensively test each textile and the respective printing techniques before adding them on our website, to ensure we only offer the best products.

Easy merchandising

The overview of our product range is created to help you choose which of our T-shirts are right for you. We also have an easy-to-use design tool available on the website, which lets you preview the finished product before placing an order. Our payment methods are secure and we offer a range of delivery options to suit your needs.

T-shirts personalised

Quality of production

We print all T-shirts in-house which allows us to validate each design before printing, as well as ensure great quality throughout the production. Our process gives us the possibility to ensure fast production and we are always available for post-order issues should you have any. When it comes to client happiness, we have a vested interest!

Frequently asked questions on Camaloon's T-shirt printing

Find out how T-shirt printing can help with promotions

What is personalised T-shirt printing?

A printed T-shirt is a T-shirt with a design, image or message printed on it. Popular custom shirts include merchandise, concert, and souvenir T-shirts. Easily create a personalised t-shirt on our website and we will take care of the shirt printing.

T-shirts personalised

Who uses custom T-shirts?

A personalised t-shirt is great for promoting a business and boosting brand awareness. A personalised shirt is used for personal expression, endorsement of brand, supporting a cause or for humour. The graphic is printed front and centre, it's hard to miss, and that's why companies choose logo T-shirts.

How do I choose which shirt to print on?

At Camaloon we have endless shirt printing options for you to have your personalised T-shirt the way that you want it. Traditional style of short sleeves and a crew neck, or different styles like long sleeves or V-necks, we've got you covered.

What is personalised T-shirt printing to start with?

The options with personalised T-shirt printing that you can design personally and have printed by order are endless. You choose what you want to print, where you want to have it printed, what type of shirts and how many you like, and what colour it should be in. You take care of the overall design, we print your T-shirt with our specialised T-shirt printing machines and send your parcel to you when it's ready.

When to print your own T-shirt?

T-shirt printing is getting more and more popular every day. It's not only companies that opt for a personalised printed T-shirt anymore, because even small groups that are looking for an original way to celebrate an event have found their way to Camaloon and its large range of products. Everyone wants to print their own T-shirt nowadays! Besides our shirts other bestsellers include the personalised bags and personalised water bottles. These items, just like the T-shirts printed with the picture or text of your choice, last a lifetime and that makes them not only useful and fun, but also a more environmentally friendly giveaway.

What T-shirt prints are popular right now?

Nothing is more affected by trends than fashion. One year the graphic print T-shirt makes a comeback, and the next it's floral designs that are hugely popular. T-shirt prints that are a big hit almost every year are the ones with sayings on the back. Somehow people find something to wear like a long sleeve T-shirt or tank top with words of meaning on them an ideal way of expressing themselves. Another aspect to consider is the tee's colour that your selected design will be printed on. Black and white will always be the basics, but then you also have soft pastels or bright neon colours that never go out of style. There is a print and colour for every mood and each and every message!

Do I need to know how to print a T-shirt?

Luckily the only thing you need to worry about is choosing your preferred type of shirt, picking a colour, and then personalising them by uploading an image (logo, photo), writing a cleverly chosen word or sentence, and adding an icon or clipart. So there is no need for you to know all the ins and outs of how to print a T-shirt. That's Camaloon's expertise! You also want to consider if you want to be using only the front or back, or whether you want something printed on both sides of your personalised shirt. All options are open and every choice can be changed by clicking on the item in your personal design.

Where on my personalised T-shirt should I print my design?

Print your design on the front or back of your personalised t-shirt, or both sides. Our new double-sided printing feature offers you even more ways to personalise your shirts the way you want them to look.

How can shirt printing make a successful campaign?

Personalised tees can be a great way of making your promotional campaign a success. Like our personalised badges, they're great to hand out at a conference, give away with the purchase of another product or sell at an event. A personalised t-shirt increases your company's exposure. Now with the option of double-sided printing, you can include your brand's image on one side, whilst printing a specific promotional message from your latest campaign on the other. Shirts are a great inclusion in any promotional pack, so why not pop one in a personalised bag.

What are the benefits of shirt printing?

T-shirts are great for marketing or merchandise, as they are inexpensive to make and purchase. If you have an event coming up, a T-shirt with your logo on it is a great way to ensure it's not forgotten.

Who enjoys custom printed T-shirts first and foremost?

A personalised top is the perfect promotional gift you can imagine. Custom printed T-shirts will boost your brand and create awareness. Just remember that humour and repetition are the best advocates for your brand, so if you can add these elements to your shirt design, your target group will not easily forget you. Other companies, groups or individuals that print tops with Camaloon are:

  • professional resellers who order a selection of T-shirts printed every season and make them their core business
  • institutions like universities who use T-shirt printing as a way of bonding with their students from the very first day they set a foot on campus
  • larger groups that see the benefits of their personally designed and professionally printed T-shirt, like marathon organisers and the sports T-shirt they design for each run, or concert organisations who have a new printed shirts for every tour
  • smaller groups that are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party who want to draw the attention of the public
  • souvenir shops that promote a city or other location via custom printed T-shirts, like a church, museum or theme park

Why should I choose inexpensive or cheap T-shirt printing?

You don't want to spend your entire marketing or event budget on just promotional items, so you might as well pick something that people will appreciate and opt for affordable and cheap T-shirt printing. Some people care about an organisation or the message that they are spreading, and that's why they love wearing their T-shirt. Others only find it important to wear an extra layer under their personalised hooded sweatshirt, and they don't worry at all about the colour or print on the shirt. What is clear is that everyone owns T-shirts and that's why businesses love designing them, selling them or giving them away. Camaloon makes it easy to design and print your own T-shirt without spending too much. That's a win-win situation for every party involved!

Can I order printed T-shirts from anywhere in the UK?

It doesn't matter whether you live in Glasgow, Worcester or order your T-shirt from a tiny village near Newcastle. Camaloon ships personalised printed T-shirts to any place in the UK. Once you have designed your shirt and added the number of T-shirts you want printed to your cart, you will see all delivery options. If you have an urgency, for example, you can opt for the quickest delivery option, and you will be notified as soon as your parcel arrives. Standard delivery will take 10 days or more, depending on the number of tops you have ordered. Of course having the T-shirts in your possession faster, then using the standard delivery option will cost you a bit extra, but in the end you plan your printed T-shirt purchase, and you decide.

How to best use shirt printing for your company

Popular ways to promote your business with personalised T-shirts


One of the greatest advantages of T-shirts is how many different colours they can come in, making endless options to express your message. Once you have chosen your colour and other details, our team of experts will evaluate your custom T-shirts' design for free to make sure your order arrives just as you had imagined, with perfect T-shirt printing, then it's ready for resale!

Business (promotional or giveaways)

Our T-shirt printing is a great way to strengthen your company's image at events. We at Camaloon offer many options for you to create your perfect printed T-shirts and get the most out of your promotional activities. Therefore, if you have decided to do bulk orders, we believe screen printing is the best option for you.

Business (corporate use)

Branded T-shirts are great gifts to welcome new employees and make them feel like an integral part of the team. So why not let your staff wear your logo with pride and help your company gain even more exposure? With personalised T-shirts in different sleeve lengths and varying neck shapes, all available in a choice of materials and a wide range of colours, we're sure there is a personalised T-shirt for all employees.

Personalised T-shirts from Camaloon

The right place to get your personalised T-shirt from

What variety of personalised T-shirts do you have?

Camaloon offers you a wide range of T-shirts to personalise:

Check out Gildan T-shirts, they are perfect for long wear because of their good quality and durability.

If you are looking for an extra level of print quality on your T-shirts, then our B&C T-shirts are the way to go!

What are your most economical T-shirts to print on?

Our team has made sure to find the best cost to quality promotional T-shirts for you. At Camaloon you can find one of the best prices in the market. Our best cost to quality promotional T-shirt choices are:

  • Personalised printed T-shirts JHK Ocean Promo: Our classic 100% cotton T-shirt that comes at a great price!

  • Personalised JHK Regular Women T-shirts: Basich short-sleeved women's T-shirts in many different colors!

  • Personalised Kariban Organic Women's V-neck T-shirts: 100% organic cotton at a low cost!

Why get a personalised T-shirt from Camaloon?

We care about you and your promotion campaign. We have a wide range of T-shirts available for shirt printing. With different materials and types, printed or not, and custom packaging. Everything to get your perfect personalised T-shirt.

Growing your business with our T-shirt printing services

The advantages of professional machine printed T-shirts

At Camaloon we believe in bringing two worlds together, and that both of these worlds should absolutely do what they are best at. You choose what promotional item fits your agenda, and we are here to fulfil your needs when it comes to professionally printing them and sending the freshly printed items to your address. You can select any smaller or bigger, cheaper or more expensive, fun or functional product on our website and personalise it:

  • Welcome Packs
  • Bags & Backpacks
  • Mugs & Bottles
  • Office & Home Office items – the new favourite category since 2020
  • or other products like merchandise, computer or telephone gadgets, or home decor elements

However, machine printed T-shirts are preferred by customers over the above mentioned products for 4 reasons: When you wear a T-shirt, it either creates cohesion in a group, promotes a specific brand or functions as a souvenir from an event you want people to remember. A T-shirt with print can express a mood or personal message, and this can be an excellent ice breaker when meeting new people or expressing your point of view. You can wash tees at home in your washing machine, and they last many seasons. If you follow care instructions that are on the label inside of the printed T-shirts, you will be able to enjoy the print for a very long time as well. There are even personalised organic T-shirts for those who care about the environment.

Make the most of your brand with T-shirt printing with a logo

You can take a blank canvas and make it your own with T-shirt printing with your unique logo on it. The thought and effort you have taken to design your specific company logo will now be maximised by showing it on every personalised shirt people will be wearing. Your annual company event will be much more fun and meaningful with this collectible item. You can stick with the company colour for the shirt and only add the logo and year, or you can swap the design each year and let your employees or guests have a rainbow of company shirts in their closet. Depending on the season, you may also want to change colours. In December green and red shirts are popular, and in summer yellow, pink, white and blue tend to be more favourite. When ordering T-shirts printed with a logo, please make sure to check your target group (employees at a company event, visitors at an open house, potential employees at a job market) and make sure you select the right sizes. For example, if children are also invited to a company open house, don't just order XXL shirts!

The difference between men's printed shirts and T-shirts printed for women

The biggest difference you will notice when comparing men's printed T-shirts and T-shirts printed specifically for women is not only the design (because many women love wearing leopard print T-shirts when men mostly don't), but also the shape of the shirts. Men often prefer an oversized printed T-shirt when women like a tighter fit that accents the shape and curves of their body. Men also favour long sleeve T-shirts, and they mostly do so in a work environment or under a vest or body warmer, when women would rather wear shorter sleeves or no sleeves at all.

Designing your custom print T-shirts with our top-of-the-line T-shirt printing machine

When it comes to shirt printing, we know what we are good at, and we invest in new T-shirt printing machines every season to keep up with growing wishes and demands. The success of your exposure is Camaloon's reason for existence, and therefore we do whatever is needed to give you the tools to help you design your best tee, while we take care of printing your design and delivering your custom print T-shirts right to your doorstep.

Choosing your T-shirt print if you don't know every person who will get one (very well)

You know when you just start a new school and you don't know anyone in your year? It helps if you wear something that is recognisable and that lets you connect in a more relaxed way. And although the university doesn't know everyone before they have been admitted, they do know what binds them. It is a class year, a class or course. The logo of the school and the name of that element that forms a connection between you and your classmates is something unique that should at least be part of your T-shirt print. If you are ordering printed T-shirts for a school reunion, you can add the years people attended the school. It even makes conversation easier, because it allows you to ask someone else questions about a person with a top with the same year as you without feeling ashamed of not recognising that person. A personalised badge will then do the trick once that person gets closer.

T-shirt printing from London, Doncaster and even Camberley is easy with Camaloon's wholesale T-shirt printing services in the UK

You don't have to travel to a nearby town to get your shirts printed, the only thing you need is a computer or other device that helps you with the design of your T-shirt on our website. So even if you prefer having your T-shirt printing done from London, Doncaster or Camberley, there is no need to leave the house at all. Once your print is final, you add the number of shirts you would like to have printed to your cart, and then press the order button. We will then follow up the process by printing every custom made T-shirt and packaging it in order to be sent to you. Your parcel will arrive within the number of days of your selected delivery method, and you will also be able to use the track and trace option to find out if your delivery is on schedule. Whether it's snowing and you don't want to freeze your nose off, or there's another heat wave and you would rather stay comfortable in your air conditioned space; Camaloon's wholesale T-shirt printing services in the UK and the delivery partners are here to get your order with freshly printed shirts to you as soon as possible.

It doesn't matter what kind of design you want with screen printing T-shirts – from a couple's photo to a rubber duck printed on a T-shirt

Some like a slogan in black on the front of their white shirt, while others want to let every colour of the rainbow shine on their back in the company's logo. You may want to show a lovely picture of the bride-to-be at the hen party, or you might want to use the picture to find a missing person or animal. Even a plain and simple rubber duck printed on your T-shirt in a bright yellow colour will do the trick with screen printing T-shirts. The point is that whatever detail or however many colours you'd like, Camaloon's printing machines comply with all the essential technical requirements to fulfil your wishes when it comes to colours, letters, fonts and photos.

Complete and perfect your promotional campaign with Camaloon's products besides the print of T-shirts

If you would like to enhance the effect of your promotional efforts with the print of T-shirts, there are other options to consider, like welcome packs (in many different shapes, sizes, price ranges and different types of welcome) and personalised merchandise products, like magnets, key rings or lanyards. Let the colour of your lanyard, for example, be totally different from your personalised top to catch the attention of your target group. Why stop with the promotion of your company or event when you can have more than double the effect with Camaloon's other promotional items? Just make sure one adds something to the other, and you will be all set, but let's start with T-shirt printing and work from there!

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