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Personalised keyrings

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Personalised keychains for companies with logo

Our personalised keyrings hold a key to every heart! Personalising the keyrings is easy! Use our designs or upload a photo of your loved one. Make it a thoughtful gift for a grandmother - she'll never lose this keyring! Or, gift it to your employees so they can keep their office, home, car and other keys conveniently in one place! Gift it to your clients, and personalise it with your business contact - so many uses, so many high-quality styles!

Custom key chains with logo

What are personalised keyrings?

A Keyring, or Keychain, is a small chain made from a variety of high-quality materials: methacrylate, wood and leather, that connects a small item to a ring on which you can attach your keys. By gathering all your keys, USB sticks or access cards into the same keyring, you can keep track of them all at the same time. A keychain can also be a connecting link between a key ring and the belt of an individual. Keyrings first became popular promotional items during the 1950s and 1960s, with the improvement of plastic manufacturing techniques, at this time promotional items became unique. Personalised keyrings are popular common promotional items that businesses use for their marketing campaigns by printing them with their company name, logo and contact information.

Who uses personalised keyrings?

Everyone, from children that need a way to keep track of the keys for their school lockers, to young adults trying to manage adulthood with all keys and access cards it comes with. Keyrings are also frequently used by personnel whose job demands frequent use of keys for example by security guards, janitors or store managers. We also print custom lanyards, should you prefer to keep your keys around your neck rather than in your pocket.



Where can you print your logo, text or design?

Each print is made on the largest surface of the keyring, depending on the shape this might vary slightly from product to product. When it comes to our printing techniques, we use laser engraving for those made from wood or metal, as well as full-colour printing for prints in many colours or one colour printing for single-colour logos or promotional messages.



What kind of personalised keyrings are there?

So many to choose from, oh my! Let's start with the 3 basics – leather keyrings, wooden keyrings, acrylic keyrings and the combination of any of those 3. Personalised engraved metal keyrings are very popular, as are engraved wooden keyrings. However, you can also choose metal photo keyrings and personalise them with an image or a special photo. Businesses often opt for personalised promotional keyrings made out of wood or methacrylate, but for that extra luxe effect, there is a choice of leather keyrings, for instance. As for specific types, there is no boundary! We have everything from simple personalised keyrings to high-tech multi-tool keyrings. There is something for everyone and every industry.

What are the benefits of personalised keyrings?

As keyrings are used by almost every person who owns a set of keys or access cards, they make one of the most popular products on the market to personalise. Every business wants its logo and information in its clients' pockets, reminding them of the services the company offers every time it's used. Personalised keyrings are ideal promotional products due to their small size, low costs and the possibility to order large quantities in bulk. Combine them with personalised usb sticks for an even more useful giveaway.

Custom key chains

How to choose the best keyrings for your business?

Our range includes many models and styles in various materials and colours. Depending on your company brand and the purpose for which you are personalising the keyrings, you have many options to choose from. Those made from methacrylate or wood are printed with laser engraving, which creates a high-quality print that even shows the smallest details. We even offer custom keyrings with tech aspects, such as phone charging adapters, power banks or USB sticks.

How can you conduct a successful campaign with personalised keyrings?

Seize the opportunity of handing them out whenever the occasion arises. Whether your company is participating in an event or conference, giving away promotional merchandise such as personalised keyrings will always be beneficial. We will contribute as much as possible to your design and decisions to make the process even easier and more rewarding. Choose from different materials such as the wood or leather which have a surface large enough for you to print your company's name and logo.

Custom key chains

How do I personalise a keyring?

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Honestly. When opting for a personalised keyring, you probably already have an idea of who it is for and what you'd like to personalise it with. And really, that's all you need. The first step is to go to our website and choose a keyring type and colour that you like. Then, choose an image or upload your own. You can also write a message, and even choose the font you like! Once it is all decided, you'll be able to preview the finalised personalised keyring and confirm the quantity and appearance. Then, simply choose the delivery address and proceed through the checkout.

Personalised Keyring Gift Ideas

Keyrings your family will never lose out of sight

Photo keyrings are one of the most thoughtful gifts for your grandparents! Every grandparent wishes they could spend more time with the grandkids, which isn't always possible. They keep framed photos of grandchildren in their homes and longingly look at them. Gifting them photo keyrings personalised with the grandchildren's photos is a wonderful way to keep the children close to them at all times – even when they are outside. Grandparents sometimes lose keys (who doesn't?!), but we're quite sure, that these personalised photo keychains will never be displaced!

If you'd like to go beyond tried and true gifts for Mother's Day and do something a little different that will put a huge smile on your mom's face, why not gift her personalised shopping trolley keyrings? These keyrings have a shopping trolley token attached, so she doesn't need to dig through her purse anymore, looking for a trolley coin! Or even a multitool keyring with a poncho inside (yes!) so your mom is always ready for rain without having to carry umbrellas around. How is that for showing you care? And let's not forget the furry member of the family! Gift your parents (or your child!) a multitool keyring with a dog bag holder, so that your furry friend is taken care of when doing his business…everyone will appreciate this gift!

And so that the father doesn't feel forgotten, gift him a multi-tool keyring he'll use so much that he'll wonder how he managed without it? The multitool keyring with a USB stick, a bottle opener, a tactical security tip or even an android adapter – you choose the perfect one to aid your dad on his next quest. But the best multitool keyring you give him will be personalised by you with an image, special photo or message.

Best bosses give personalised keyrings

Because this makes every employee smile for numerous reasons. First, choose from a large variety of keyrings – from personalised metal keyrings to engraved wooden keyrings or even multitool keyrings, just to name a few. A photo keyring personalised with an employee photo and message such as ‘best employee ever' can serve as a great motivation. It will also have a big smile potential if you gift this personalised photo keyring to every employee! Sleigh the next Christmas office party by gifting multitasking bottle opener personalised keyrings. It will show your employees your humorous side and add to team building and bonding.

Or show them you care by trying to make their workday a little easier, and choose multi-tool keyrings with a tape measure, a power bank or even multitool keyrings with an aluminum pillbox that you can fill with a pack of instant coffee for emergencies. All employees will appreciate this! Of course, always personalise the keyrings with your company's branding, no matter how small. Just a logo or company's name with some social media icons will do the trick to promote your business, especially when coupled with a unique shape or unique purpose of the personal keyring.

Personalised promotional keyrings are a great branding tool. Everyone needs and uses keyrings. When you gift advertising keyrings, they do double work – serve as a useful everyday item for the recipient, and they promote your business at every step. Choosing the right personalisation is what is crucial. Branded metal keyrings personalised with your logo uniquely promote your business at every step. Opting for a personalised leather keyring for your employees, perhaps a leather loop keyring, will add a classy touch to your business and give it a very professional and polished image. First impressions are always what counts the most, so this little, seemingly irrelevant detail can truly go a long way in promoting your business properly.

Custom key chains

Keyring gift ideas for that special someone

A personalised keyring is a simple way to let that special someone know you appreciate them. Perhaps a personalised leather keychain to tell your music teacher he rocks your kid's world. Or an engraved wooden keyring for that eco-friendly friend who is all about sustainability. Personalised wooden keyrings with a motivational message about nature would certainly warm his or her heart.

Show your favourite squeeze she holds the key(ring) to your heart and ask her to move in with you by giving her a custom keyring engraved with the date you two first met. How unique is that? If colourful keyrings are something she'd like better, you can also go with the full-colour photo keyrings and choose an image such as a heart, you can add a special message or even upload a special photo!

A personalised keyring is a perfect gift for all ages. From your child who'd keep his 2-in-1 personalised keychain bracelet secure around his wrist, your father the handyman who'll love the tape measure personalised keyring to your hubby the CEO of your heart, who'll love his newest gadget – 3-in-1 charging adapter capsule personalised keyring. No matter who, no matter what – there is just the perfect keyring waiting for you to personalise it into a perfectly thoughtful gift.

Talk is cheap – keyrings are affordable, but they can have priceless meaning. Choose yours today!

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